Rozai Mechanoboom

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Rozai Mechanoboom

Post  Guest on Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:29 pm

Username (and where you can also find me):
Rozai, Hathiel, Ethalir

Character Name:
Rozai Mechanoboom

Roz, Rozzy

Rozai is a rather nosey, chatty, intelligent - but could be considered rather insane due to her reckless inventions and experiments.
She has a rather short attention span and often leaves inventions half finished after having a "better" idea that'd make her more cash or be of more use.

*coughs and is incredibly thankful only a brief background is required*
From a young age, Rozai has always had a massive interest in technology and invented various things from everyday items. As she grew older, her creations became more advanced as she learnt to engineer.
Over the years, Rozai has completed various projects and sold them. A good handful of customers have been, well, scammed.

One rather important factor is that Rozai is -not- of the Bligewater Cartel and gets on fairly well with their lot, although she'd rather be one of the independant goblins who've sided with the horde which would therefore mean better business.
Rozai has always preferred the horde over the alliance, since they usually offer better business, so losing her neutral status with both factions to work on the Orgrimmar zeppelins wasn't such a big loss.
After spending time with the horde, Rozai's opinions about various things (such as culture, views on the alliance, etc.) have changed and she pretty much feels 100% horde.

With the Catacalysm, Rozai has stopped her work regarding zeppelins and has moved onto independant engineering different things for herself or to sell.

Rozai would like nothing more than to see an end to the alliance scum.

P.S. She's a very new character and I haven't RPed her much yet. So, if anything needs tweaking, it can easily be fixed!
Uh, yeah, I'm not too familiar with Goblin lore and stuff, so stuff -may- be inaccurate. (which is why I chose not to go Bligewater Cartel, plus it'd suit Blackblood better. :p)

^A picture of Rozzy.


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Post  Guest on Sat Dec 25, 2010 8:32 pm

Well I am not strong in the lore around the goblins of the lost isles/Bilgewater like you but your background story sounds fine, not too shabby ;9.

I'll point the officers in your direction, also a little add it's nice with the screenshot of your character saluting. I really like that.

-Gardokh Shaman of the blackblood


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Re: Rozai Mechanoboom

Post  Zazaji on Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:03 am

Ooh, more goblins - I like. Poke me, Varekk or Vólkan in-game for an interview!

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Re: Rozai Mechanoboom

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