Application: Zazaji of the Darkspears

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Application: Zazaji of the Darkspears

Post  Zazaji on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:36 am

Username: Zazaji

Character full name: Zazaji "Zulfi" of the Darkspears
(Zufli is Zandali/Troll and means "baby witch", a nickname she recieved from her brother when they were very young)

Description of what they look like:
(Crappiest picture ever because of no access to MY pencils and a crappy cell-phone camera)

Long, blue hair in a mohawk-ish style, light blue skin and fierce yellow eyes. Tall for being a troll. Avoids talking Orc if she can, since she can't do it very well and speaks a form of low-orc. Fluent in Zandali/Troll of course. Has a tendency to start talking Troll whenever she becomes upset.

Personality: Harsh, stubborn and sometimes a bit grumpy (mostly when talking to her brother). Zazaji has very strong beliefs and opinions about many things, and does not always keep those to herself. Very traditionally bound and detests almost everything "new and modern". She gets mad really easily, but is as fast to cool down as she is to start screaming. Has a softer side but is both afraid and ashamed of showing it. Doesn't talk much if not needed. She doesn't really bother to learn Orc properly, either...

Brief Background: Zazaji grew up together with her brother [player]Ginosaaji[/player] in a place far from Orgrimmar, and she had a fairly happy childhood. When her brother went to study as a doctor (not a witch doctor, but a "modern" one), she grew an unintentional disgust for him. Being very traditional and bound by the beliefs of old, and almost obsessed with the thought of making the Troll tribe regain their honor, she is ready to go as far as needed for her goals to be accomplished. Although she actually is very fond of her brother and depends on him a lot, the two of them share completely different opinions when it comes to what is right and wrong. Her brother being a skilled, well-articulated doctor and all, she despises him for "betraying his people by studying with elves".

Zazaji is a skilled Frost Mage and never misses a chance to enhance her abilities. She is prepared to fight, whatever it takes, for the Trolls to regain their lost pride and dignity.

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