Application - Vraksha Bloodaxe

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Application - Vraksha Bloodaxe

Post  Garashna on Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:08 pm

Vraksha Bloodaxe
Age: 36
Siblings: Thragna
Clan of Origin: Shattered Hand

Father: Grokkar Bloodaxe
Veteran Warrior that fought in the First War, where he earnt his family name by axing down many humans. Died in the Second War.

Mother: Zehra Daggersworn
After the death of the Father she became a prostitute to make money to raise her daughters. Thragna and Vraksha grew up in the brothel with her.

Early years:
Vraksha was the first of the two daughters of Zehra Daggersworn and Grokkar Bloodaxe. When she was two years old, her younger sister Thragna was born. Both children grew up with the lessons their parents gave them. They got raised according to the beliefs of their father and learnt hunting and rogue techniques from their mother.

Leaving the Shattered Hand:
After the death of their father, Vraksha, Thragna and their mother moved to a different part of Azeroth. The Shattered Hand clan split up and the small family drifted away from the clan and made a life for their own within the brothel.

Becoming a Warlock:
During her time in the brothel, Vraksha spent a lot of time with the men that visited there. She was in her early teens and quite often she would get attention from the males looking for a young piece of ass. She learnt her way around men and flirted, while keeping herself far away from the rest of the services a brothel would offer. She didn't want a drunk old male to sleep with her. She wanted more.

When she was 14 years old, a new customer to the brothel arrived. There was something about this handsome orcish male. It wasn't just his rugged good looks or his well-toned body, there was something more. Something unlike she had ever seen before. Vraksha grew curious and tried to speak with the male. Her interest in him grew and after some weeks, she managed to get him to kiss and touch her. He wouldn't do anything further than that, but he did something else. He showed her something she would never forget. The power of a Warlock.

Under his guidance, she embraced the Fel and became hungry for the power it offered. Meanwhile, she did everything she could to keep this a secret from her mother and her sister. But, as it goes most of the time, they found out eventually. On one of her trips into the woods with her master and now, lover, they were discovered by Thragna. At first, the young female was furious about her sister's dabbling into the Fel. However, when they talked about it and Vraksha explained she would use her power to crush the alliance and avenge their father, Thragna saw its potential and agreed that Vraksha should obtain as much power as she could through these means.

Years went by and the sisters grew older. Vraksha's master vanished and abandoned Vraksha, leaving her alone and heartbroken. She still lusted for power and decided to take all of her frustration out on the males that visited the brothel. Vraksha sold her body to those males that wanted to be manipulated and sexually tortured. They paid her so that she could demean them, take advantage of them and dominate them. Her lust for power grew more and more. As power got to her head, she became nastier and even more manipulative.

Leaving the Brothel:
The sisters became stronger and more powerful. Thragna turned into a master of the bow, her aim very precise and potentially lethal. Vraksha became stronger in her control of the Fel. But both wanted more. They hungered for more power and more strength. But beyond that, they hungered for war. Now they seek out the Blackblood Clan, in search of something to make them stronger and something to fight.

(combined application with Thragna, who will post soonish)

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Re: Application - Vraksha Bloodaxe

Post  Guest on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:56 am

Very Nice


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Re: Application - Vraksha Bloodaxe

Post  Guest on Fri Jan 21, 2011 8:38 am

Right, since me and Vraksha are sisters, most of our background story is identical, so i will just be posting the part that is unique to my character. Smile



Character full name:

Thragna Bloodaxe

Description of what they look like:

Dark blue hair, in a long braid, dark purple eyes, light green skin and looks to be in her late twenties/early thirties.


Thragna is focused and observant of her surroundings. She likes to flirt and is a very bossy and arrogant orc.

Brief Background:

Way of the Hunter:
Even though Thragna enjoyed the attention she got from males as a young woman and learned alot about how to handle the men at the brothel, she also started to take an interest in hunting. As she grew older she started exploring the wilderness in the nearby area, and practiced her hunting skills, taught to her by her father. And ocasionaly brought males with her, for other purposes.

As time passed Thragna became a decent Hunter and often ventured into the wilds to hunt food for her family, so they could eat better without working their asses off at the brothel. And also, she enjoyed killing animals. Tracking them down, chasing them and the feeling of accomplishment as they fell to the ground from her arrow.

One time when she was in the forest hunting, she encountered a young wolf. It caught her unprepared and she dropped her bow. After what seemed like an eternal struggle, Thragna managed to beat the wolf into giving up, and it ran off into the forest. Even though she had won, she was badly wounded, the wolf was fiercer than she had thought. On her way back, she noticed that the wolf was following her, sneaking and hiding behind bushes and trees to not be discovered. She stopped and shot an arrow just above the wolf's head, scaring it into jumping out of hiding.

It seemed as the young orc had earned the wolfs trust by beating it, the wolf would would follow the orc everywhere, curiously observing her. After some time she decided to train it for hunting. She was tired of being alone in the wilderness and wanted a companion. The wolf was named Grokkar, after her father, and she spent the following years training Grokkar into a loyal and fierce companion while the orc herself became adapt at using her bow.


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Re: Application - Vraksha Bloodaxe

Post  Volkan on Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:03 am

That's some good stuff right there I tell you.


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Re: Application - Vraksha Bloodaxe

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