Application: Ruktarg Firehide!

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Application: Ruktarg Firehide!

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:26 pm


Username in game.

Character full name:
Ruktarg Firehide

This includes nicknames they have been called.

Description of what they look like: (text and/or Photo)
Ruktarg has a young complextion being at the ripe age of adulthood with black hair and messy beard. He has green skin that has lost it dark complextion it had in Blackrock from travelling the past few years. He has a missing finger from training to control the elements (A fire spell gone wrong).


He is reasonable and doesn't argue much but in dire dire situation can lead him to rash action(which hasgotten him in a Booty bay jail for two months!). He is strong but not very athletic and call the elemants to aid his strikes which adds to his strength.

What are they like ingame? Any previous guilds that have shaped their life.
He is only level eleven (but leveling fast!) and hasnt been in many guild he has a lone wonderer that doesn't like company.

Brief Background:
Ruktarg was born during the end of the second war to a unknown father and unknown mother in Blackrock spire and when Blackrock spire was retaken by the Alliance he was raised in a Internment camp in the Redridge mountains. During the third war when ruktarg was still young the Internment camp was taken over by the prisoners when the guards were away dealing wih the refugees coming from lordaeron. He and the other prisoner hid until the third war was over. When Rend blackhand retook blackrock spire The prisoners settled there. Ruktarg left when h was about twenty shortly after the Dark portal opened to explore the world. While he has wondered he has taken up shamanism and his loner Personality has been favoured among the elements.


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Re: Application: Ruktarg Firehide!

Post  Volkan on Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:45 pm

Application read, poke me for an IC interview.

Volkan (character name Volkán)


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