Application - Zetaje of the Revantusk

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Application - Zetaje of the Revantusk

Post  Zetaje on Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:36 am



Character full name:

Zetaje of the Revantusk

Description of what they look like:

Zetaje has very deep green skin, and long green hair, which she always have in 3 braids. She has small tusks in the corners of her mouth, and is almost always smiling. She also have warm, beautyful eyes. She can be very cute when she wants too.


Zetaje is a very young Troll Druid, she is 15 human years old. She's almost always together with her older sister, who becamed the one who took care of Zetaje. She's very naive, and always act before she thinks. She can be nervous when someone asks her for an answer she dont know. She is very open in everything, and are absolutley not the shy kind of person.

Brief Background:

Zetaje grew up in The Hinterlands together with her dad, and her older sister. Her dad was also a druid, so he teached Zetaje and her sister the ways of a Druid. He is not a especially good druid, and doesnt know very much, so when Zetaje and her sister has lived in the forest with their dad in whole their lifes, they wanted something bigger, and decided to search for new ways to become better druids. They leaved the Hinterlands with a promise to their dad that they would one day come back, as very good druids.
They heard of the Blackblood clan, and since they didn't had a decided way to become greater, they decided that it was a good way to maybe find greater druids than theirself to teach from.


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Re: Application - Zetaje of the Revantusk

Post  Volkan on Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:38 am

Sorry for the long wait. I haven't seen the application until, well just about now Smile. I'll poke Zazaji and have her take a look at it.


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