Kitanga / Balakhai post-joinem-app!

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Kitanga / Balakhai post-joinem-app!

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Username in game:

Character full name:
Balakhai is his real name, but he uses the pseudonym Kitanga with everyone except those he trusts 100%, which is not a lot of people.

Description of what they look like:
A rather heavily built (but not particularly strong) Darkspear troll with light blue skin/fur and sharp, yellow eyes. His flaming red hair is long enough to reach his ankles, and is always tied into a neat braid, and more often than not swung onto his left shoulder, draped over his chest and onto his right shoulder, and then looped over itself behind his back so the tail end hangs neatly over his flank. (I have to draw a pic of that some time...)
Whenever he casts spells, a set of tattooed runes on both his arms become visible. They cover both arms from wrist to shoulder, and appear to faintly glow fel green. The writing on the tattoos is a declaration of his power, the names of the demons he commands, and some other permanent spells that he uses to aid himself in casting. They are written in Demonic.

Very calm and collected. Always a master of his emotions. Patient. Neutral - seeks to do neither good nor evil actively. Extremely curious, loves to read and hear interesting stories, especially those related to the Twisting Nether, the Great Dark Beyond and Fel magic. A scholar in both disposition and manner.

Brief Background:
Balakhai lived with his Darkspear family, and endured with the tribe until his 12th year. It was then that his father forbade him from reading a book he had stolen from a passing merchant ship - a book on Fel. The few passages that Balakhai managed to look through sparked his interest, and he decided that if his tribe's taboos prevented him from studying those things for their benefit, then they were not deserving of his help.
He has traveled alone ever since, scouring every library, listening to every mystic and elder he could find in an effort to gain knowledge, and through that, power... And succeeded to a great degree. He is reluctant to reveal how powerful exactly he is, though he does hold some pride over his abilities, and will use them to whatever extent is needed when the situation calls for it.

Age, siblings or children.
About 40-ish, but keeps himself looking more like 32 with magics and stuff. Has a twin brother, Barkhai, with whom he hasn't spoken since he was 12.


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