Application: Moxal

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Application: Moxal

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Character full name:

Moxal "Tiny" Bottomtusk

Description of what they look like:

He is a half ogre, his size is midway between that of an orc and an average ogre. His skin is peachy-brown, with a hint of green in it. He has tusks, and red eyes, his hair is in a Mohican.


He has below average intelligence, although does speak a little better than peons and will work out what to do if you gave him a bucket of water and he was next to a fire. He is extremely loyal to allies, but rutheless to enemies.

Brief Background:

48 years ago, Moxal's mother was very foolish, she couldn't just have some strong, buff ogre to be her mate, no, she had to go for an orc, didn't she? She denied she had slept with an orc, of course, not only would SHE be ashamed, but the fate of her son, that would be worse. So she raised him, as an ogre, he was bullied due to him being smaller than the rest and having tusks, but thankfully, no-one came to the conclusion that he was half orc, and she would not lead them on in guessing it.

When Moxal was 20, and the dark portal was opened, eager to prove that just because he was smaller than the other ogres and he had large bottom canines, didn't mean he couldn't fight. He always had a suspicion, however, that maybe he could be an ogre mage, after all, he was a lot cleverer than the other ogres, and Cho'Gal was one, too! So maybe, just maybe...

Towards the end of the second war, however, he realised that he was not a mage, during one of the battles, all 4 of his team mates had just been killed and he was running away, he told himself that it wasn't dishonourable, as he would gain nothing from staying and being killed. He saw in the distance a group of warriors, orcs maybe, no, fellow ogres, same size as him, maybe just a group of small ones as well. He was running at them, screaming cries of help, the ogres agreed, and they quickly killed the pursuing humans. When the fight was finished, one of them turned to him and said 'I've never seen you in the tribe before!'
'I don't think I'm in your tribe!'
'Haha!' The other ogre said 'don't know any other half ogre tribes out there!'
He was about to tell the half-ogre that we wasn't one of them, when he realised, tusks, smaller, green hue, why he had never met his father before. Then, he did what anyone who had had this 'epiphany' would do, he ran.

After a few weeks, he met a goblin, one from an organisation called the 'Bilgewater Cartel' ((OOC: this is one of my friends, he will be joining and will post an app on this sometime tomorow)), who offered him work as a bodyguard/butler, he agreed.

Many years later, he was with his boss at a footbomb event, the Bilgewater Buccaneers vs the Steamwheedle Sharks, the Sharks were winning, when the Buccaneers brought on a last minute reserve, who managed to make a winning goal. Everyone was cheering, but almost as quickly as it had started, it stopped, a large roaring in the sky, then a boom.
'The sun has set on this mortal world, fools,' it roared 'Make peace with your end, for the hour of twilight falls!'
A huge shadow blotted out the son, a dragon, a black dragon, from what Moxal knew about the Black Dragonflight, this was Deathwing, the leader of them. This was very bad. Moxal grabbed his boss and flung him over his shoulder, sprinting in the opposite direction from Mount Kajaro.

'Alright, I'll let you on my ship, for a bazillion macaroons!'
It was like hell, the cleared out Moxal's boss' house, claimed insurance on it, they still weren't there. There was only one thing to do, Moxal didn't want to, but it was the only thing to get, maybe him, definitely his boss, off of the island before they were burned alive. They offered Gallywix Moxal's contract. As it turned out, they would both be allowed off of the island, as slaves. After that, a lot of things happened; they met up with orcs, fought Alliance, got captured again, got freed, fought more Alliance, got captured AGAIN and rocketed up into the sky and then went on a boat to Durotar.


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Re: Application: Moxal

Post  Zazaji on Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:52 pm

Looks all good to me. Poke an officer in game for your interview! (Me, Volkán or Varekk)

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