Maldrick Hellfizz

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Maldrick Hellfizz

Post  Guest on Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:19 pm

Username in game.
Character full name:
Maldrick,Boss, Hellfizz

Description of what they look like:
He has long dark blue hair tied up in a ponytail and clearly hasn't been brushed in a while. He has four piercings gained on separate occasions and has slimy green skin and light stubble.

He is rather bright but he doesn't use his intellect in times he should. Although he sometimes gives in o his greedy goblin nature he is a kind hearted person who will subdue to acts of kindness when needed.

What are they like ingame? Any previous guilds that have shaped their life.
some low grade RP guilds but not many in terms of guilds

Brief Background:
around 5 years ago there was a very popular sport on Kezan it was called Footbomb. this game was was filled with danger, pressure the lot but ultimately, there was exitement and this is what dragged the young Maldrick into plying such a game. Maldrick got further than anyone had ever predicted however the odds of danger predicted correct, Maldrick was nearly killed but as fate would have it Maldricks best freind was hit instead causing him life long suffering this urged Maldrick to give up... forever.

Maldrick then got into the less risky side of Footbomb he became the manager soon after this he decided he needed an assistant so he put up a poster saying 'Wanted' "assistant for manager who is up for heavy lifting and protection. A few days later after no response he came across an oversized orc sobbing, Maldrick spoek to the orc and because he felt sorry for hi and saw that he was larger and good for work so he offred him a home.

During one of the matches after the winning goal a strange black dragon appeared over top and was saying weird thing like "the world will end or something like that" suddenly there was an eruption it was Mount Kajaro! Maldrick was immediatly swept of his feet by the orc. After much agreement and Malderick using his way of understanding people, the odd pair arrived at a bay near Orgrimmar and Malderick turned to the orc who had earlier revealed his strange bloodline and said " Dont worry Mox, i got it from here" then the green skinned fellow smirked and strutted onwards along a layer of red dust... had the duo found a new home?


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Re: Maldrick Hellfizz

Post  Volkan on Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:43 pm

Seems pretty cool, contact me (Volkán), Zazaji or Varekk tomorrow Smile


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