Application- Wasambi

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Application- Wasambi

Post  Guest on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:59 pm


Character full name:
Wasambi "Feltusk"

Description of what they look like: (text and/or Photo)
Dark blue Hair, Purple eyes and make-up, Long tusks splintered with dark fragments.

Usually a bit of a loner but a faithfull compainion, used to travel with a member of the stormreaver clan but his friend died in a failed experiment which would save the horde from the demons in the outlands.

Brief Background:

Age, Hard to tell he him self dosnt even remember anymore. He started out his early years as one of the many advisors of the Darkspear Jin's. in the later years he meet an orc warlock named Ozgot who showed him new ways within the boundries of demonology and other dark arts even some fel magic. as the years flew by Wasambi and Ozgot traveled the world, as the activities at the Dark portal started to increase they went there to try and help. But alas as warlocks they were shunned and thought to be the cause of the problems, they went through the portal and started traveling the outlands and trained with the blood elfs and even some with the shadow wielding draeneis even though there were few of them.

In present day Wasambi is a part of the Horde and seeks to do what he can to aid them.


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Re: Application- Wasambi

Post  Zazaji on Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:46 am

It looks great! Poke me, Volkán or Varekk in-game for your interview!

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