Drarug the warlock Application

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Drarug the warlock Application

Post  Gordug on Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:48 pm

Hello, this is my brief application to officially join the Blackblood Clan.

Usernames :
Venelos, Ephitos, Ramirion,

Character name:

Description :
A relatively young orc with a wicked gleam in his eyes. A small beard and relatively short black hair, average breadth and height for an orc, no special muscular athlete here.

No picture provided, unfortunately.

Personality :
He has become a loner after the death of his mentor Kardur of the Stormreaver Clan. Feeling betrayed by the Horde he wandered Azeroth for three years until he found a purpose again. A child Orc was playing with a quillboar, and he watched as the child Orc fought it, he found Orcish pride within him. That day he decided to fight for the real Horde once more, and now he seeks out the Blackblood Clan, those who have dedicated themselves to a past forgotten by Garrosh.

Brief Background

Dragug lived with his mentor for most of his young life, he was brought into a hostile world where only power mattered. His views on life twisted by the powerful warlocks of Gul'Dans clan, Dragug wanted to wield the power that Gul'Dan promised, and so did his mentor. When they went to search for the fabled Eye of Sargeras, that was the last time he ever saw his mentor and Chieftan alive. After that day, the hunt for the clan began and more or less all of it was wiped out. Drarug and a few others escaped, hating the Horde for their actions, being left alone they eventually split into smaller groups, each seeking their own path and destiny. Drarug has now heard of the Blackblood Clan, his thirst for Orcish domination is yet again revived within him, his ability to serve, and his experience with fel magic will guide the path forward to a new era of his life, and perhaps even the Clan which he wishes to pledge loyalty to.

Thank's for reading ^^


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