Application - Sun'jun

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Application - Sun'jun

Post  Guest on Sun Apr 24, 2011 9:54 am

Username: Sunjun

Character full name: Sun'jun of the Revantusk

Appearance: Sun'jun has a greenish skin tone, and his hair is a bright green mess. His face often carries a happy or slightly amused look, and he looks anything but intimidating.

Personality: This normally cheerful troll takes everything in stride and seldom gets himself unnecessarily worked up. Sun'jun has a rather quirky personality, as well as a strange sense of humour. His optimism and cheerful ways have often rubbed off on the people he has interacted with in the past.

Brief Background: Sun'jun grew up in The Hinterlands together with his father and two sister. His father was a druid, just like Sun'jun, and has taught his son everything he knows - as little as that may have turned out to be. Sun'jun eventually decided to move on, when his father no longer had anything left to teach him. Still a rather incompetent druid himself, Sun'jun mainly just follows where his little sister Zetaje goes.
Eventually Zetaje joined the Blackblood Clan, and after some serious consideration - or rather, none at all - the impulsive Sun'jun has decided that he wishes to join also.


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Re: Application - Sun'jun

Post  Zazaji on Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:00 am

Looks goodie, poke an officer (me, Varekk or Volkán) in game for your interview.


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