Application - Zunsambi

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Application - Zunsambi

Post  Zunsambi on Wed May 11, 2011 2:21 pm

Zunsambi, Wasambi, Kiriwak

Character full name:

Zunsambi Icetusk

Description of what they look like:
Tall with icy skin and purple hair. Scars on the back from whips. Red eyes and his tusks appears to be sharpened

a bit dim from time to time but unbeliveable will and rage his fury is shown in his fighting style and speach pattern

Brief Background:
Tha snow plains of da Northrend was not kind to me, i grew up in da Zul'drak at tha keep of Drak'Tharon. As a child i was picked on for my size, i was always a bit bigga and thina den da others but i survived.
I remembar tha times in Zul'drak while da invasion me and a partie af three went out from tha keep of Drak'tharon, we went to da plains of dragonblight to seek aid from da loa's but we found none we startad to feel abandoned. As we got back to Drak'tharon we continued to tha Temples of tha loa we found dem captured by da trolls of da Gun'drak i was loyal to my people but also to da gods i did not know what ta do but i keept to serve. I always was true to da Loa as tha mighty Akali as he has returned da favor i was granted two swords made from da horns of da Rhino decendant from Akali him self as i bare with pride but i favor my Hammar. I was learned tha ways of tha berserkar as i helped fightin of tha scourge but as tha Traitors from within took us bai surprise, we lost our footin but we still fought. I was one of da people that help bring tha big bad Drakuru down although i must say he will be missed, he helped in my training in da earlier years. I now roam da world lookin for a place to belong i have been to da north but all da tribes seems ta be quite hostile ta new faces, now i wander south as i am still lookin for a place for me ta belong.


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Re: Application - Zunsambi

Post  Zazaji on Thu May 12, 2011 6:00 am

Another troll, yay!

Your application looks fine to me, poke any of the officers (Me, Volkán or Varekk) in-game for your IC interview!

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