The Blackblood Clan reborn [Recruitment thread]

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The Blackblood Clan reborn [Recruitment thread]

Post  Gordug on Mon Dec 05, 2011 1:12 pm

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Good evening there and welcome, to explain this guild concept I'm going to explain to you, the reader what a clan is. I'l go with the basic Wikipedia description.

A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Even if lineage details are unknown, clan members may be organized around a founding member or apical ancestor. The kinship-based bonds may be symbolical, whereby the clan shares a "stipulated" common ancestor that is a symbol of the clan's unity. When this ancestor is not human, it is referred to as an animalian totem.

This is very relevant to the concept at hand, we are united by perceived kinship, (The Dark Horde), and descent, (Rend Blackhand) and so and so forth. A clan, is a united gathering of individuals, united in goal, united in belief, united in blood. We are the same The Blackblood Clan is a direct representation of this aspect, we are united in one goal.

To bring Azeroth to the knees of those who worship his magnificence Ner'zhul and Orgrim Doomhammer, we celebrate these figures as deity's and hero's of the only true and real Horde, our Horde, the Dark Horde.

You may wonder what other clans comprised of the first true Horde in the past, well here's a list.

Origin of the Dark Horde
-Shattered Hand Clan
-Shadowmoon Clan
-Bonechewer Clan
-Bleeding Hollow Clan
-Dragonmaw Clan
-Laughing Skull Clan

The history of the Blackblood Clan's lore is directly related to the first opening of the gate, and the surging forward of the Fel Horde. Whilst this happened a liuetenant of the Bleeding Hollow Clan became a powerful warlord and eventually created his own clan, and that is when our concept was born. We are a bland mix of the Fel Horde, and the Dark Horde. Most focus goes to the Dark Horde however as the Fel Horde would be considered our origin, while the Dark Horde is something that still exists most definitely within the lore, not yet eradicated by progress and development by Blizzard.

This link explain's the 'Dark Horde', we of course recognize that Rend Blackhand is the one and true Warchief of the Dark Horde, and for this we herald and worship his name and stature. We as a clan however have escaped the land's of burning fire and lava, for good reason too. Our survival and growth is on our minds, above the stubborn staying in one certain location. While we have left the bulk of the army, we consider them allies and friends of the clan.

We are also very proud of this certain statement.
Now the Dark Horde is barricaded inside Blackrock spire under Rend Blackhand's command. They are as bloodthirsty and savage as the Horde of old and are as barbaric as the orcs from the First and Second Wars.LoC 42 They still practice demonic magic and their warlocks can summon demons to help them in battle. Also they have contracted some goblin mercenaries and train worgs for war.

The Blackblood Clan is no different, we are the exact same.

A list of races/clans/tribes/nations we accept into our ranks:

-Shattered Hand Clan
-Shadowmoon Clan
-Bonechewer Clan
-Bleeding Hollow Clan
-Dragonmaw Clan
-Laughing Skull Clan
-Burning Blade Clan
-Warsong Clan

Trolls :
-Zandalar Trolls
-Forest Trolls
-Jungle Trolls
-Island Trolls
-Dark Trolls
-Ice Trolls
-Sandfury Trolls
-Steppe Trolls

Gordok - Using the we will have Ogres within the guild.

Blood elves
As a general rule, no.
Each individual varies and if you wish to truly try then feel free to drop an application on the forum.
Illidari is an accepted elf, any class.

As a general rule, no.
Each individual varies and if you wish to truly try then feel free to drop an application on the forum.

As a general rule, no.
Each individual varies and if you wish to truly try then feel free to drop an application on the forum.

Preferably not from the Bilgewater Cartel.

The 'goals' of the guild

Short term goals:
-Setting up a core ring of loyalist clan members
-Initiating our first group of loyalist clan members with fel blood
-Locating a main base of operations in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms
-Securing minions/allies to fight our wars and work with us whenever we need them.

Long term goals:
-Establish the Dark Horde on a cross-continent basis and re-ignite a Dark Horde theme.
-Wage war against the Alliance dogs
-Mass recruit and establish a fully fledged and recognized Clan, as both a power and a threat.

The ranking System
The ranks could be as follows :
Chieftain - The guild master and leader.

Skullcrusher - The personal guard of the Shadow Council and that of the Chieftain, consisting of highly loyal Orcs who have sworn both blood loyalty and taken the fel initiation. These clan members are also responsible for leading various aspects of the guild, for example the Warlock Covenant, the military branch, the infilitrators, or merely highly trusted members of the Clan.

Felcaster - Master warlocks who are generally on the Shadow Council or loyalists of it. These warlocks are well trained, they are the elite. There is generally only two to three at max in the entire Clan as they head and lead

Burning Blade - Elite orcs who have taken the fel initiation and serve the chieftain to the last drop of blood. Burning Blades are named after the broken clan, however these clan members are berserk who yield only to the will of the Chieftain, they are the elite, they are well trained, but lack the brains to be anything other than warriors.

Blood Guard - The Orcs under the blood oath who have are ready to battle, only steps away from receiving there dose of fel blood to become fully accepted members of the Clan. The Blood guard are now fully accepted members of the Clan, they have let their blood flow in honor the Chieftain and organize the weaker clan members for training and brutal tests.

Warlock - These are the newly trained warlocks of the Clan, adept in the skills of fel magic they are capable of summoning and sacrificing minor demons. A warlock comes under the training and attention of his superior fel caster, they either answer to a Skullcrusher, Fel Caster or the Chieftain personally.

Grunt - Those who have proven their axe to be loyal to the clan and have fought for it valiantly and honorably.

Scout - Accepted into the guild on a more of an OOC basis to be tested for further RP. (Military section)

Acolyte - Accepted into the guild on a more of an OOC basis to be tested for further RP. ( Fel section)

If you have questions feel free to find a member online and question us until the cows come home. If there are no Blackblood's online please join the chat channel bbc and see if an alt is there to handle the matter with you.

Useful links in relation to our concept

Thank you for taking your time to read and I hope that you decide to come settle with us on Defias Brotherhood!

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