Kjarar, the prodigal son.

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Kjarar, the prodigal son.

Post  Kjarar on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:44 am

Username in game:

Character full name:
Due to her family history, Kjarar does not use her born surname. In time she will either prove herself worthy to do so, or earn one of her own.

Description of what they look like:
Dark green skin. Grey hair that is kept short as to not interfere with combat. Blue eyes. Of average height, but is very muscular. Rarely seen without some kind of combat gear and weapons.

Kjarar is hotheaded and generally ill-tempered. She seeks to prove herself an equal of the orc warriors from the tales of the old wars, and as such often have little respect or patience for the current Horde commanders who often show much more restraint and patience for battles. She has a great interest in the history of the orcs, but shows little regard for the other races of the Horde. She values strength in others, and have no intentions of making friends with anyone that can't carry their own in battle.

Brief Background:
Kjarar was raised together with her one year younger brother by their widowed father on Draenor. They would often be left to be cared for by the other women of the tribe, as the father took part in many battles of both the first and the second war. In part due to his higher position, and in part due to the retreats of the second war, the father still got to spend some time at home inbetween battles. This time was always spent together with his son, training him in the arts of war and bringing him gifts of combat gear and spoils of war. Kjarar however was encouraged to assist the elderly women with the cooking of food. She would sneak away from those duties and watch from a distance as her brother and father sparred. Her fondest memories were of when the father told stories to them both of the glory of the war and the many heroes of the Horde he had encountered.
The entire family was caught and among the many to be interred in the Alliance internment camps on Azeroth. Neither Kjarar or her brother had drunk from the demonic blood, but the withdrawal was tough on her father. During the events that led to the exodus of the Horde, the father assumed a tactical role as her brother was prepared to start serving as a grunt in the new Horde. Her father pulled some strings to have his son placed with the Warsong Clan in their mission to harvest lumber from what would be known as Ashenvale forest. He assumed it would be harmless service.
Kjarar's brother was among the first orcs to encounter the night elves and participated in the drinking of Mannoroth's blood as the Warsong Clan killed the demi-god Cenarius with their newfound strength. Her brother was also among the many orcs to be killed by the combined forces of Thrall and Jaina as they fought their way to Grom to redeem his spirit. When the news reached the father, he simply told Kjarar to prepare a meal for brother, but not for him, and entered his personal quarters. When she finally mustered the courage to seek him out inside, she found him pierced upon his own blade.
Kjarar now seeks to avenge her family, being filled with conflicting feelings of both revenge and pride. She seeks to be the son her father lost.


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Re: Kjarar, the prodigal son.

Post  Gordug on Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:45 am

Approved and welcome to the guild.

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