Application - Markaleth

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Application - Markaleth

Post  Markaleth on Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:31 am

Username in game: Markaleth

Character full name: Markaleth (Haven't figured out a lastname for him yet, but I certainly will later).


Markaleth is a tall, muscular build elf with a certain evil look in his eyes. He has some scars various places over his body from past battles. He always wears dark armor unlike normal Sin'dorei soldiers.


Markaleth is known for his ruthlessness and do not let any emotions get in the way. Murdering a child of the enemy is no big deal for him, as he just sees this child as another obstical in his way, nothing more. He always remains calm under pressure and gets rarely irritated. This man was defintely born to be a slaughtermachine.

Brief Background (Mandatory);

Markaleth was born in a small house hidden somewhere to the west coast of Eversong Woods. He never knew his mother, but was raised by his father, a crazed old warlock with a rather big drinking problem. His father tired to train Markaleth in the dark arts, but Markaleth showed little progress in the handling of magic, which often resolved his father in hitting him, even though Markaleth was but a small child. Markaleth grew older and one day when Markaleth failed during a ritual involving a dagger, his father once again swung at him with a fist, but this time Markaleth was prepared, dodged and drilled the knife through his father's neck and fled from the house. He later joined the armies of Silvermoon.

During the invasion of Silvermoon City Markaleth was stationed with his regiment in Dalaran as part of the royal guard to Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider. He followed Kael'thas through the Dark Portal and eventually to Northrend to fight Arthas. After the defeat Markaleth somehow managed to escape the cludges of death and return back to the Eastern Kingdoms.


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Re: Application - Markaleth

Post  Gordug on Mon Dec 12, 2011 10:43 am

Fine by me, approved!

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