Yhanweh's application

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Yhanweh's application

Post  Yhanweh on Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:50 pm

Username in game.
Character full name:
(redundancy go!)

Description of what they look like:
Yhanweh is a tall forest troll, he has a pair of large well cleaned tusks and a green skin covered in some moss on his arms.
He has sharp reptilian features and seems to be quite skinny for a forest troll.

Quick background with a small story to explain character;

Yhanweh considered the first moment of his real life the day the old horde and the trolls allied, in war his true calling was found, everything before that was preperation.
The movement of troops, the joy of battle, seeing enemies flee before you and the meals, oh nothing was ever as good as the meals after battle.
But then, the second war was lost...
Yhanweh waited... as the spirits brought his dreams tiding of war, he kept waiting.
He didn't try to join into the second war, nor any of the fights before that, they weren't the right ones....
But the spirits have shown their sign, and its time to act on it.

The smell was clear
And oh so delicious
Yes it was it, the pork sausages, being cooked in... what was it.
They were being cooked in brew, of course!
But Gruldur was supposed to be patrolling not lying around waiting for his sausages to cook, why was he lying here again?
He felt the aching in his head and the bindings around his arms, and tried his best to recall what was going on.
"Yeh look like yer stirring a bit, eh?"
Gruldur opened his eyes and looked towards the campfire, towards the sausages, his head still ached, even more so when he opened his eyes, and he saw his arm and the rope that bound it.
But past that was the fire, and his supplies, his pot being used to make sausages.
Gruldur tried to focus, why was everything so hard to see.
"yeh, relax yer head brotha, yeh aint make it better by blinking that much"
He could see it more clearly now, behind the fire sat the troll, only parts of his green skin visible from the light cast of the campfire.
Thats the point where he realised he was gagged.
Gruldur looked back to the troll who was leaning close to the fire, bits of sausage sticking out from between his teeth as he grinned.
"yknow, before all them orcs arrived to dis world, i had never et'n a dwarves rations before... I mean... i allways just et the dwarves...."
Gruldur tried to move his hands, tried to get free, somehow he had to get free, he didn't want to die!
"Yeh can relax brotha, i aint gonna eat you dis day, im on a new diet, yknow?"
Gruldur stopped moving, looking towards the troll as it threw the last of the sausages into his mouth.
"Yeh see, i had this entire dream, i call it a sign! From de spirits, yknow?"
Looking around Gruldur looked for any weapons he could spot, there was the axe on the trolls belt, his own axe leaning next to a tree, and the cooking equipment which could be used if he only got his hands on it.
If only they weren't bound.
"In the dream, yknow there was this part about the world, yknow!?"
Deep breaths, Gruldur was trying to tell himself he was gonna make it, somebody would arrive before the troll killed him.
"And in the dream, the world cracks a bit open, yknow like its been doing lately! But yknow what rose from dis?"
The troll leaned forward staring towards Gruldur, he looked back and their eyes met.
"A two headed snake slittered from the scars of the world, and set it more aflame den its ever been."
The troll kept staring at Gruldur, getting up slowly holding his knife, Gruldur started to wriggle again, tried to get free.
"And dat is what im going ta find... De two headed snake that will ignite de war ive allways dreamt of!"
He crouched down next to Gruldur, he started thinking of his familly, his friends, his last meal, everything.
"Y'can stop shaking Brotha.... As i told yeh, im on a diet, i heard them orcs don't like cannibalism, yknow? rather not find dem with dwarf in my teeth..."
Gruldur felt relief, the troll was going to let him live, he didn't even know how to react!
"Though... one little snack wont hurt, eh? And... ive allways like some brew boasted sausages... specially them that been coated in brew most their lives"

* * * *

Everything felt like it hurt, but he had stopped the bleed, if he hadn't finally managed to break the ropes he would have bled out there...
Gruldur looked down on the ground next to the campfire where the troll had been and he himself had cauterized the wounds.
He touched the burnt stumps where the fingers on his left hand used to be and shuddered.
He knew at that moment that he could never eat a sausage cooked in brew.


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Re: Yhanweh's application

Post  Gordug on Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:07 pm

Accepted! Welcome Smile

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