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Grenfar Ango'Zuit

Post  Grenfar on Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:14 pm

Username in game.


Character full name:

Grenfar Ango'Zuit

This includes nicknames they have been called:

"Gren", only by close ones though, he dosen't take kindly to someone who calls him that without him knowing them properly.

Description of what they look like: (text and/or Photo)

Here are some brief points that describe how Grenfar looks:

-Has long hair that rests on his back.
-Had fel-greenish eyes.
-Looks like he is in avarege age. He dosen't look too old, neither too young.
-Wears his black robes. They keep demonic symbols, and patterns on them.
-He walks by a long step followed by another. But always seem to move around pretty fast.
-He wears a scythe on his back. The scythe is glowing by souls trapped inside.

You'll also notice he usually keeps his felhound around with him, and he will rarely dismiss it.

The felhound isn't really special in anyway, he's red, and has a normal body-structure.


Grenfar isn't the nicest orc, in fact, only by looking at him, you can tell that you'll have a hard time getting to know him. He will always treat friends, elders, and over-heads with respect.
He isn't comfortable giving away his name to anyone.

Brief Background (Mandatory);

Grenfar has a long backstory, wich begins with him being trained as a warlock on Draenor, and involves him being one of the first orcs setting foot onto Azeroth.
He grew up with alot of hate, as his parents didn't care much for him, they only where to serve, and help the orcs of Draenor.'
When he came to Azeroth, he went up to the mountains to live among the Frostwolves, this didn't last very long, atleast not untill he heard that the remaining fel-orcs on Draenor became servants of Illidan. Grenfar tok part in many of the invasions at the Black Temple.
After Illidan was defeated, Grenfar went back to Azeroth, to find out that his mother was slain by Humans, while she was fighting for The frostwolf camps. After this he has always been wanting the blood of the humans, and all of the alliance.

Anything else we should know, IC or OOC?

Well, I'm usually IC when I'm with other guildies, on events. But if you greet me in Orgimmar, by the training dummies, or by the Auction house, don't expect me to answer, atleast not in an IC-way.


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Re: Grenfar Ango'Zuit

Post  Gordug on Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:29 pm

I see nothing wrong with your application, the background story misses a few details (Which we covered in-game) but otherwise tis fine. Accepted, and welcome!

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