Application - Gru'khan Darkmoon

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Application - Gru'khan Darkmoon

Post  Grukhan on Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:48 pm

Username in Game; Grukhan

Character's Full Name: Gru'khan Darkmoon

Description of what they look like;
Gru'khan stands at around six foot four in height, towering most of the Orcs, being standardly tall for the average Orc. Gru'khan is twelve stone and nine pounds, being under the average weight (in muscle) for most Orcs, he has bright green eyes due to fel use and Blackish-green skin over Fel consumption.

Gru'kahn is a very arrogant man, when he wants something he'll go to any reach to get it, when he is speaking to his friends, or (possibly) Shadowmoon members, he speaks to them with respect and dignity. Overall Gru'khan is quite good at manipulating the bloodthirsty warriors to do his bidding.

Brief Backround:
Gru'kahn Darkmoon was born into the Shadowmoon clan, 62 years before the Cataclysm wrought by Deathwing wrecked havoc upon Azeroth. Gru'khan was originally brought up to be a Shaman mentor'd by his Father, teaching him the ways of the elements exetera.
Gru'khan was born long after Kil'jeaden's shadow pact ended and after he had reached Adulthood, he had defected from the noble Orcish Shamanism, and became a Warlock of the Shadow Council defecting from the Shadowmoon Clan.

By the time of the First War, Gru'khan was one of the first Orcs to step into Azeroth and wage war upon the Humans of the Kingdom of Azeroth (Stormwind) along with the Bleeding Hollow Clan, Twilight's Hammer and other various tag-alongs.
Gru'khan rose in the ranks of the Council only reaching the Outer-circle before the end of the Second War, Gru'khan would survive the onslaught of Orgrim Doomhammer, and getting a minor wound at the Battle of Blackrock Spire, being captured by the Humans of Lordaeron and Turyalon's Alliance.
Gru'khan spent many years in Durnholde, reaching middle age or over, before aiding in the Uprising of Thrall and Orgrim, becoming part of the ''New Horde'' but secretly, he kept his Dark roots.
Gru'khan still believes himself to be the only living Shadowmoon survivor in Azeroth, residing in the Cleft of Shadow being an agent of the Dark Horde and the Shadow Council.

OOC: hope you enjoy'd reading, thank you Smile


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Re: Application - Gru'khan Darkmoon

Post  Gordug on Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:17 pm

I enjoyed it very much!

Accepted and welcome, poke me whenever for an IC interview!

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