Application: Rudash

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Application: Rudash

Post  Rudash on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:56 pm

Username in game:
Rudash (orc)

Character full name:
Rudash Dragonspine

This includes nicknames they have been called:
Doesn't tolerate any.

Description of what they look like: (text and/or Photo)
Rudash has two thin braids flowing down by his chins, and a rather calm face.
Brownish-red eyes and black hair, but this is a face you won't see often.

Keeps a lot to himself and is secretive about his personality. He isn't too old, but he has combat experience.

Brief Background (Mandatory):
Rudash has a burning hatred against any demon not by his or his allies' side, and will act accordingly.
He hunts down demons and dragons whenever he isn't slaughtering members of the Alliance.
Wearing black armor infused with demonic power, Rudash and his axe can be devastating in close combat, should a battle lead to it.
His crossbow has the skull of a dragonling Rudash slain as a child embracing it.

Anything else we should know, IC or OOC?
Any holes in the background are meant to be there, and will be filled through RP.
I'm usually only IC when I'm with guildies, and prefer PvP over PvE, but I'll gladly join dungeons/raids if I feel like it.

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Re: Application: Rudash

Post  Gordug on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:58 pm

Accepted! Welcome to the jungle.

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