Application: Tal'zari

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Application: Tal'zari

Post  ViolentHAM on Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:26 am

Username in game:

Character full name:
Scout Tal'Zari Of The Smolderthorn Tribe

Standing seven foot tall, this green-skinned Troll can be quite intimidating even despite a muscular figure. His blue eyes always seem searching, contemplating his surroundings and learning every minor detail. He hasn't got a single scar on his body partly due to regeneration and partly due to being a Marksman. Particularly fond of guns but can be found using a bow or crossbow if it strikes his fancy. His green-skin gives him away to being a Forest Troll. Though few know he's of the Smolderthorn Tribe, he does not hide it. His voice could be described as relaxed and some find this quite unnerving although spoken with a heavy Troll accent.

Tal'Zari is fairly relaxed, stereotypical of most Forest Trolls in his Mannerisms.

Brief Background:
Tal'Zari was raised in Zul'aman by his father, Raj'Zari, alone as his mother was murdered shortly after birth by Raj'Zari. At the age of thirteen, Tal'Zari began training with Hunters of the Smolderthorn Tribe and learned how to track, scout and how to use a bow, He later taught himself how to use a gun. He spent most of his life inside Zul'aman and it's surroundings. That was until one night he found about his father murdering his mother and left Zul'aman.


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Re: Application: Tal'zari

Post  Gordug on Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:58 am

Bit short but tis fine, accepted.

Poke myself or Grunnak for an invite.

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