Application: Luk'Grah Forknaros

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Application: Luk'Grah Forknaros

Post  Luk'Grah Forknaros on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:16 pm

Username in game.

Character full name:
Luk'Grah Forknaros (Nicknames: Lukky, Luk)

A docile mage, ever daydreaming and thinking. He is a large, well-built Orc, even with his anti-combat personality. His dark-grey hair shows his aging well, and his short, cut tusks show his scars.

He is extremely docile, and is always fixing solutions to puzzles and mysteries inside his head. He is a very intelligent mage, but he is weak, Weakened by his past. He is of low-experience now, and his dreams and intelligence vote that he will be forever. He looks to others for help in his life-quest, of slaying the same Admiral that murdered his father and stole his life and future.

Brief Background (Mandatory);
Luk'Grah Forknaros of Orgrimmar is a friendly, focused Orc looking for rejuvenation and an escape from his past. He is always looking for new contacts and knowledge of the Magic arts. Torn apart emotionally and mentally by his past, he has a huge repulsion of war, but will fight for what he loves, whatever the cost.

As a child, Luk'Grah Forkarnos was raised as a mage, and as soon as teenagehood, was a very powerful one, defeating his father in playful combat many hundreds of times. As a young adult, he was taken to Northrend, on a journey to defeat a secretive clan known only as the Defias Brotherhood. Luk'Grah, and his father search far and wide for an undercover Admiral in the Defias' Hideout, but instead came across an extremely powerful Warlock. Luk'Grah's father was murdered, and his body incinerated, in front of Luk'Grah's own eyes. The Warlock spared Luk'Grah's life, and instead stripped all of his power under a terrible curse. Weak, starving, and in need of aid, Luk'Grah eventually made it back to Orgrimmar after three months of travelling. He found refuge in the Ragefire Chasms, feeding off of scraps from the scares below. After three years in Poverty, he finally found back his power, and now searches for the same Warlock that destroyed his power, his family, and more importantly, his will to live.

Anything else we should know, IC or OOC?
Luk'Grah likes to converse with others and gather knowledge into his weakened form. He always looks to other players for protection, but will stand up if others are in danger, no matter how higher a level the opponent is. He is willing to give up even his own life for others he loves.

Thank You For Reading, I look forward to RP'ing with you Smile

Luk'Grah Forknaros

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Re: Application: Luk'Grah Forknaros

Post  Gordug on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:37 pm


This is an emotion you will be purged of!

Application accepted, welcome to the clan!

Poke myself or Grunnak or Kjarar for an IC interview.

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