Application: Nera'dan Darkthirst

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Application: Nera'dan Darkthirst

Post  Neradan on Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:16 pm

Characters name in game: Neradan

Character's Full Name: Nera'dan Darkthirst
Nicknames; the Breaker

Description of what they look like:

Personality: Nera'dan Darkthirst is somewhat arrogant when it comes to getting what he wants, he is a classical stereotype of Gul'dan an orc who will stop at nothing to getting power
yet, behind that he cares and respects those he serves (e.g Clan members etc)

Brief Backround:
Nera'dan Darkthirst was born in Zeth'gor five years before the first war, and was prematurely aged by the Warlocks to the age of 21, and was tought by the Elder Warlocks of the Bleeding Hollow Clan. Nera'dan finished his Warlock training and become many of the Bleeding Hollow Necrolytes, and stayed on Draenor throughout the First and Second War, except from once. Nera'dan after drinking the blood of demons, slowly changed from a normal green-skinned orc, to having four-tusks and spikes along his back over the years, and forsaking his leaders he ventured into Azeroth (about the time the Dark Portal opened)
(there is blank spaces to what happend during the rest of the expansions that you have to find out via Roleplay, thank you for reading Smile
and grunnak if your reading, it's Lathian from the forum XD
OOC note: i've studied relatively hard on roleplaying a Fel Orc and i'm still a low level, so please do not say that i'm a loller for i litteraly know some of the Orc lore from the back of my head, thanks Smile


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Re: Application: Nera'dan Darkthirst

Post  Gordug on Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:40 pm

Thank you for applying to the Blackblood Clan, your application is quite fine to the standard and we accept it.

We would never call anybody a 'loller' unless, well, we'd have a reason too.

I like your application, and now we have another pure-bred fel orc!

Poke myself,Grunnak, or Kjarar for an arranged IC interview!

Best of luck!


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