Marksman Graulkar Bloodear

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Marksman Graulkar Bloodear

Post  Shovel on Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:04 am

Character full name: Graulkar Bloodear. Nicknames: Graul, One-ear.

Description: This Orc has rather dark skin. He got a long and nicely braided hair on his head. Like is middle sized beard, it's grey. He has big, brown eyes which, if you go against him in anyway, stares right through you. He has a couple of small scares at both face and body. But the biggest scar is his left ear, which is missing. A past battle or some sort of ritual or test? You need to askm carefully, if you wish to find out. But, like his nose, the right ear has a piercing. His voice changes, depending on the situation. If it's not about duties, he speaks with a calm, and sometimes, friendly voice. If it's about enemies, and the deeper a conversation of war is getting, his voice gets harsher and angrier. In battle he mostly screams so half the battle field can hear him.

Personallity: Graul is a real veteran. To friends and allies he is kind and friendly. To people he has fought he's the complete opposite! If the moment lets him, he might crack some jokes. And he is a good tactican and comrade.

Background: Graul was born within the Bleeding Hollow clan. He was raised in a village in western Terrokar Forest by a hunting family. His father was one of the village's best hunters and taught him well to use the bow. When the Horde was created, he gladly followed raiding parties, then to Azeroth and fought in the First War. During the Second War, he was stationed at Thandol Span until the Horde was pushed back. Like most of his clansmen, he lived in the wild until they marched back to the Dark Portal. He served as one of Ner'zhul's body guards until the Invasion of Draenor ended. Since then, he's lived in Outland, being part of the Fel Horde.

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Re: Marksman Graulkar Bloodear

Post  Kjarar on Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:59 am

Graulkar's application has been approved and he has gone through an IC interview with me. He's looking forward to meeting the warlord and getting an ingame guildinvite!


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