Application layout and application exemplar

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Application layout and application exemplar

Post  Grunnak/Varekk on Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:29 am

Application layout
Username in game.

Character full name:

This includes nicknames they have been called.

Description of what they look like: (text and/or Photo)


Brief Background (Mandatory);

Anything else we should know, IC or OOC?

Example application

Threads you should read :

Varekk, Wulfgnar, Nasek.

Character full name:

Varekk Thomas Wolfheart

Description of what they look like:

Long black hair, young face. Blue eyes which turn red. Walks and talks like a human.


He is young and a little naive, but is very strong. He takes wars very seriously and wants to follow in the steps of Grom hellscream and Blackhand.

Brief Background:

Raised by a human paladin, he learnt the ways of the light. He was kept hidden in a small house while he was raised. He was taught to read and write, tactics of war and the ways of the blades. Honor, compassion, Tenacity and free will.
His life soon came crashing down when his thirst for fighting broke out and he killed two humans. His father didnt have a choice and took the young orc to where he had found him. Back to the frostwolves. It was there he was made fun of for not being able to talk orc but a shaman took him in and looked after him. He soon came to orgrimmar where he met the other orcs. He was made fun of and soon he was left scavanging in the wastelands on his own, until he met [char]Rahauron[/char].

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