Application: Apo'lah

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Application: Apo'lah

Post  Apolah on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:26 am

Username in game.

Character full name:
Apo'lah Zul'viri, although people who know her tends to just call her Apo.

Description of what they look like:
Apo'lah is a averange tall, averange looking troll female, with blue skinn and copper-red hair. Her right side of her face is coverd with mysterious red-glowing tattoos. She´s usualy wearing long robes and loats of fetish/charms. One of her favorite charms is a old, worn-out doll with a single white feather tied around it´s neck...she never goes without it.
( Will upload a picture of her once I´ve got my scanner working).

Apo'lah is very energetic. She can hardly sit still for longer then a few minutes. She loves to tease people, and often she´s having a sarcastic frown on her face. Apo' lah has no respect for other people´s needs, as long she get´s what she wants. And she says "exactly" what she thinks about everything and everyone. When she´s stressed, feeling pressure or is in a grumpy mood, she often sits in a corner and "talks" with her precious worn-out doll with the feather.

Brief Background (Mandatory);
Apo grew up in the ruins of Blackrock Spire, untill she started to work for an old orc-warrior named Grimdon. She took care of his battleworgs, grooming and feeding them. But without Grimdon, or "Gramps" knowledge, she started to practice voodoo magic, and the worgs often became her targetpractice. She let those poor beasts inhale different kinds of smoke, let them test out potions she brew, and some even became victims from her magic spells.

Anything else we should know, IC or OOC?
OOC: I know Grimdon from when I was rping on Argent Dawn, and he asked me to make an alt on this server and try join your guild where he also is a member of it. Since this character is pretty new I still might have to develop her personality and style abit, but this is a start at least and I´m hoping that the blackblood clan will help me and my character grow. ^^


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Post  Rudash on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:33 am

Good personality, good background. Accepted.

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