Application - Drenkha Hammerstrike

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Application - Drenkha Hammerstrike

Post  Drenkha on Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:06 pm



Character full name:

Drenkha Hammerstrike, Dren

Description of what they look like:

A young Orc female with glowing blue eyes and a well-kept black topknot. Her face is flawless and her ears are unpierced. She carries an ornate runed blade, and usually wears heavy, armour but she rarely wears a helmet or covers her face.


She speaks in stuttering, flawed Orcish due mainly to a lack of education and limited experiences. She is not a confident Orc, but gains in strength of character when stubbornly arguing a point or during times of conflict. When talking to her, she seems to be of limited intellect, but it may be something of an act.

Brief Background:

Drenkha was married to a clan-less blacksmith who often travelled from their home at Razor Hill to the Eastern Kingdoms to trade with the Frostwolves and buy ore at Hammerfall. During one of these excursions, their caravan was attacked by Scourge who slaughtered her husband and young son. She was raised again by the Scourge before being released during the rebellion and founding of the Ebon Blade at Light's Hope Chapel. After earning her free will, Drenkha returned to Durotar to try to rebuild her old life. She found only the graves of her family and disapproval from her former townsfolk. The Orc peons avoided her, scared, and the shamans that led the Orc society treated her with disapproval.


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Re: Application - Drenkha Hammerstrike

Post  Guest on Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:53 pm

Throm'ka, Orc.

Send me an in-game mail and I'll arrange to meet you face to face.

Let's see if these Death Knights can serve any purpose amongst the Blackblood Clan!



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