Application: Ginosaaji of the Darkspears

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Application: Ginosaaji of the Darkspears

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:21 pm

Username: Ginosaaji


Ginosaaji, Gino, Gin, The Doctor, Doc

Character full name:

Ginosaaji (of the Darkspears)

Description of what they look like:

Blue skin, elongated tusks, young appearance, blue hair in a mohawk (prefers no hair for ease, but sister will not allow it). Very alert and fast movements. Former member of Ravenholdt


Acts fast, talks fast and thinks fast. Very analytical and logical, never let's his emotions cloud his judgement (but still have moments of weakness), and a consequentialist by nature. As a “modern” doctor, he seeks to help others in need of medical assistance, regardless of race and affiliation. However, this “goodness” can as well be achieved by “removing” a dangerous individual. Either way helps in the big picture. Still, he is young and has a lot to learn.

Brief Background:

Grew up together with his sister: Zazaji, in a place far from Orgrimmar, with a fair childhood. What he is, or was, know for among his tribe was his “Gift of Quickness”, both in mind and body. Ginosaaji did however never agree with following the old ways, and spent much of his days studying. By studying history as well as first aid, Ginosaaji shaped himself into a non-traditionalist “modern” doctor, with quite the grudge against the use of magic, as it “Caused more problems for the world than it solved” and a passion for healing others. Studying the medical profession under the wing of Witch Doctors, he learned as much as he could from the Troll population. He then began sneaking into Alliance outposts to steal other sources of knowledge. This marked the beginning of Ginosaaji's travels across the land, in search of more knowledge of modern medicine. Being hard for a troll to travel the pre-Orgrimmar days, he often found himself traveling with adventurers or hermits, or sometimes even with criminals. Short of money, and skilled in stealth from numerous “missions” to Alliance settlements, he started undergoing sneaking and eventually assassination missions, but only if the individual target was dangerous to others. After a short period in the Ravenholdt organization, he joined the Blackblood Clan, mainly to reconcile with his sister and learn more of the world.

Note: Gino has a dark secret concerning his past


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