Application - Kradol Korgrash

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Application - Kradol Korgrash

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Character full name

Kradol Korgrash


To most other races, Kradol. Is. Ugly. He's green, mean and he's got two tusks jutting out from his mouth. There is nothing interesting, physically, about this orc. His head is cleanly shaven and his cheeks often have a week's worth of black stubble. Nevertheless, his incredibly average physique is very much in his favour due to his profession.
His preferred manner of clothing is very different from your average, leather-clad orc. He frequently wears a white jacket-like shirt in silk coupled with black trousers in fine linen and a leather vest of matching colour. Despite this, he is not against wearing armour when the situation demands it, or different disguises.


Kradol is out for himself, and only himself. His only real motivation is a pleasurable life, effectively making him something of a hedonist. He prefers not to take responsibility, especially not for someone else, so when dealing with others, he will often allow them to lead, he himself operating in the shadows.
He can best be described as an archetypal magnificent bastard*, often operating on the fly, usually with success and always with confidence.
Despite his slight arrogance, he always prefer to act in the dark, whether he's plotting to kill someone or just having a drink at a local tavern, and so he often leaves even his friends and allies wondering what he is up to.

Brief Background:

Kradol is close to middle age at the age of 38, having been born between the time of Medivh's death and that of the first war. He fought in the second war, participating in a guerilla war on human army camps, but was captured and after the war taken to the Hammerfall internment camp, where he grew fascinated by the - among themselves - courteous humans.

After the fall of the camps, Kradol served Grom Hellscream as a raider, but after Hellscream's fall against Mannoroth, he served the Warchief for a short stint of time, but left after the establishment of Orgrimmar to find luck in distant lands.

When Skoul found him, he had worked for several years as a soldier for the Steamwheedle Cartel in Ratchet.



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Re: Application - Kradol Korgrash

Post  Kinahmi on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:41 pm

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