Application - Mórt 'Chef' Grotter.

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Application - Mórt 'Chef' Grotter.

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:45 pm

Username: Mórt - level 67 Rogue.

Full Character Name: Mórt ‘Chef’ Grotter.


A prematurely aged, proud, though incredibly cruel looking Orc Woman – her right step is but a limp, and a painful looking one at that - heavy - and carried with an air of defiance, yes, but also with an air of seething bitterness – understandable given the circumstances, perhaps. Unfortunately for others, not particularly for ‘Chef’ herself – she also carries other such visible injuries, old ones that are evident to stay with her for the rest of her life. Chef has a steely blue, piercing blue eye – a wandering one too might I add – but perhaps that’s the way it would have to be when you only have one. She wears a dark brown leather patch over her right eye socket, prominent in contrast to the dark green shade of her lined, worn-looking skin. Chef carries a stern expression most of the time, but when she does happen to smile - or rather grin - one can see the full extent of her teeth. All her visible teeth are but full, worn Gold. She has a completely shaved head – hinting of supreme practicality, and no time for idle feminine vanity. Her stature seems somewhat stunted – hinting of malnutrition, perhaps, as a child.


She was meant to die, long ago, and she knows it - having cheated death a number of times - and the result being she is extremely ill-patient, with a bad temper and a foul tongue. Brutally honest – she cares not for mindless, polite conversation – but this She-Orc upholds punctuality, efficiency, and a daring to risk it all.

Brief background:

Mórt was born into slavery. Her Mother - a Prisoner of the Second War - gave birth to Mort behind the bars of her tiny cell, in the Internment Camp of old Hammerfall. She spent the majority of her childhood years in there, and was undergoing Training to be a potential Gladiator when she would eventually reach Adulthood – when her mother was executed on suspicion of rallying a rebellion amongst the Slaves.

Upon her Mother’s stoning, a small group of angered Slaves managed to murder two Watchmen – and escape. Mort didn’t run with the escapees for too long, suspicion in ‘who spoke up’ about her Mother was rife in her young, eleven year old heart – and she chose to abandon the gabble, and survive solitary.

Throughout the majority of her youth, she swept various battlefields to loot corpses of both Alliance Soldiers and those of the Horde, not just of gold – but of their body organs. This brought a tidy Profit, for she sold to many Healers, and to many kitchens around Azeroth – selling only the ‘finest cuts of meat’ – which ultimately gained her the nick-name ‘Chef’.

After a few periods of arrests for petty crimes, ‘Chef’ was put on a programme for Rehabilitation – and began her career as Grunt in the Warsong Outriders. Never able to rise in ranks due to her past, despite her talent with blades, Chef was spotted by the War Drum - an independent Clan - and rose through the military ranks until she made Officer. Much time past, and after careful speculation – she decided her freedom from the Law was secured by her new ranking – and she abandoned the clan, now seeking an independent, but profitable life again.


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Re: Application - Mórt 'Chef' Grotter.

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:11 pm


I loved it!

Next time you're in game, try to poke myself or Varekk and we'll go through the formality of a quick IC interview and you're in!

Glad to have you Smile


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Re: Application - Mórt 'Chef' Grotter.

Post  Zazaji on Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:21 am

Oh, very well written application!

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Re: Application - Mórt 'Chef' Grotter.

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