Application- Threkar Bloodscar

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Application- Threkar Bloodscar

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:32 am

Username: Threkar 80 warrior

Full Character Name: Threkar Bloodscar 'The Fury'


Threkar appears to be aged 57 in Human years, a battlehardened brutal orc stands before you, scars of past conflicts paint his body like a grotesque display of valor.
Built as an Orcish Warrior should be, both broad and steadfast.


Threkar is a bloodthirsty male orc, he strives to prove himself constantly in battle, his lust for blood often comes with a heavy price, he has suffered numerous head injuries which often leads to him being clouded in his judgements, and somewhat swings his axe before thinking about it.

Brief background:
Threkar began his military career as a soldier in the Warsong outriders, fighting to secure a constant flow of Lumber from Ashenvale forest, after proving himself in many a battle, he transferred to a Horde War band known as the War Drum, after rising through the ranks to sergeant, Threkar felt his bloodlust was not satiated enough, as the Horde were becoming weak and losing their identity, He stepped down from the War band and looked to further quench his thirst with a more suiting War band.


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Re: Application- Threkar Bloodscar

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:46 am

Ahh excellent, you must be the friend of Mórt Very Happy

Well as far as the application goes everything seems to be in order, and IC interview now i believe? Smile


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