Application - Bearac Frightskull

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Application - Bearac Frightskull

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Character full name:

Bearac Frightskull

Description of what they look like:

Knotted red hair a firm expression and heavy muscular bodybuild and a dark skin. Has several scars on his chest. He is also very tall. He keeps his beard curdely trimmed. He seems not to care about his looks, or how he smells.


Determined and a loyal orc, however he is short tempered. Likes doing things his own way. He is extremely afraid of hights.

Brief Background:

A strong believer of the Old Horde. He has lived his entire life serving the Blackrock Clan and does not believe in Thrall's Horde. Spend most of his time within the camps around Blackrock mountain. His father and mother have both desceased in war, he had no brothers or sisters. He has recently had doubt about the survival of the Old Horde, but does everything he can do to help in upholding the true Horde. He has recently left the cower of the Blackrock Mountain in search of other likeminded orcs, aswell as to see what's become of the false horde.


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