Lorzak "Tusk" Goretusk

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Lorzak "Tusk" Goretusk

Post  Lorzak on Fri Sep 10, 2010 6:57 am

Username: Lorzak

Username in game: Tusk

Character full name: Lorzak "Tusk" "Greenie" Goretusk

This includes nicknames they have been called.

Description of what they look like:
Tusk is a rather big troll, with big tusks, His blazing orange hair is almost always tied back in dreads. His skin shows signs of battles and wounds. A big scar runs down his forehead down under his right eye. By the look of him it seems like he relies more on brute strenght rather than being agile. This isnt a troll you want to mess with...

Tusk is not the most speakful person, he is damn loyal and when he does something he makes sure it gets done good. He isnt the brightest eighter but he doesnt have to be. His skills in the orcish language isnt the best (more about this in background). Tusk doesnt like elves, he never had and probably never will, he dislikes their ways, their cities, their food, drinks etc.

Any previous guilds that have shaped their life.
Ofcourse, his piracy time shaped his personality very much.
Brief Background:
The heaven thundered and it rained like never before, the night was cold and the moon was nowhere to be seen. Then, from nowhere, a scream echoed through the night... The scream of a newly born baby. The night Lorzak was born was quite brutal, and his mother died. His mothers death left him alone, his father had died just a week before his birth by some strange disease. His tribe left him at the shores of Stranglethor vale to die. Luckily, another troll come walking by and saw the baby lieing in the sand, he looked suprised at the little troll and looked around for someone, maybe his family. He didnt see anyone, and by the looks of the tracks in the sand they had left him to die. So he picked up the baby and walked home, to Booty Bay.

He didnt know what the little trolls name was so he named him tusk, because even in that early age he could see some small tusks growing in his mouth. Tusk grew older and older, and when he reached the simularity to a human teenager, he started to get interested in his "fathers" business. It turned out that he was a smuggler, Tusk took used to sneak in to the warehouse and open a crate or two to see what his father shipped to and from Ratchet every week. He couldnt believe his eyes, it was al kinds of illegal stuff, poisons, drugs, and other wierd stuff. He got really mad at his father and ran away from home. He took the boat from Booty to Rathet. There he wandered around for some days, feeding on some bread he stole from his father. After maybe a bit less than a week he met Ruarck, at the first sight he got very suspicious, but he turned out to be really nice. He said that he needed more people for his crew. At that point Tusk didnt know anything about this "crew". It turned out that he didnt have a crew at all but tried to get one. He was a former captain at a ship called "The freedom". But it sank and he was the only "survivor". He walked byu the side of Ruarck for many years, but after a while, after some drama within the current crew he left them, he wanted to discover more of the world than just Ratchet. So he took the next zeppelin to Vengeance Landing in Howling fjord where he started to walk, he walked for days, weeks, months, until he had reached the other end of the continent. He became a very skilled archer, he got tought in the ways of archery by some lonely troll wandering the wastes of Dragonblight. His time in Northrend made him friend with some people and enemy with others. One of those is the Orcs of the Red Blade, he tried to save a fellow troll from their grasp in Grizzly hills, but they both ended up in the pit and had to face a giant bear. They got torned to pieces (not litteraly) and they got left in the pit so they would bleed to death. He woke up in a small camp outside Conquest hold with a bag of food and a note that said "Run". He ran.

When he got back home to Kalimdor ha wanted revenge, and he now seeks the Blackblood clan and wishes to give them his loyalty in exchange for help against the Red Blades.

I guess thats the end of my application, I hope I get to see you guys ingame soon Very Happy


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Re: Lorzak "Tusk" Goretusk

Post  Zazaji on Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:28 am

Like it! Moar Trolls for me to bitch around!

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