Application: Bakadi Scartusk

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Application: Bakadi Scartusk

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Character's full name

Bakadi Scartusk.

Description of what they look like:

Slightly shorter than your average forest troll, Bakadi stands at around 7'8" when standing straight, though like most male trolls his posture is slouched most of the time. His frame is also smaller than average too, baring an almost striking resemblance to that of a jungle troll. His pale green skin is covered with an even richer green carpet of woodland moss providing the perfect camouflage in his natural surroundings. Dark green braided hair flows down his back adorned with shrunken skulls of bested enemies. His facial features bare the years of a troll well into their midlife.


Bakadi speaks with a soft troll accent. His calming voice has an almost hypnotic tone to it. This belies the personality it helps mask. Considered to be a loner by most who cross his path, he lets nobody get close enough to truly get to know the real him. Clever by troll standards he is cold and calculating. A calm exterior hides the raging beast within. His quiet demeanour accompanied with whisperings of his supposed exploits make for a character that most shy away from and fear.

Brief Background:

Bakadi was born a Revantusk and raised in the Hinterlands. He was taught from an early age how to live off the land by the means of foraging and catching prey using traps.
By his ninth year he begins trapping larger prey, namely Witherbark trolls, leaving mutilated corpses behind as a warning to his tribes enemies.
With growing age so does his curiousity. He travels further into his forest lands discovering for himself the high elven Quel'Danil Lodge. Often spying on them from a safe distance the young troll begins snaring lone wandering elves. His fascination with torture and maiming began to truly grow and he left victims mutilated, cannibalising their corpses. A favourite habit of his was to take his victims eyes in the belief that they would constantly travel the afterlife blindly.
He began collecting elven artifacts as trophies from his victims, in particular female jewellery.
Life rolled by and Bakadi became an expert in torture, taking great pleasure and satisfaction in his victims pleas for mercy. With time that gratification in his work evolved. His hatred towards all elves blossomed to new heights and seeing the disgust towards his kind in their dying eyes took his craft to new levels. He began raping them as part of their torture. On occasion it wasn't just limited to the females either.
It began dawning on his own mind at this point that things were getting out of hand even by his very own standards.
Back in the tribe he makes a concerted effort to woo a female of similar age. Both in their late teens he hoped that their eventual mating would curb his lust for elven flesh. It wouldn't prove to be the case. The closer the young couple got the more violent and bloody their lust for one another became. Carried away in the moment he mutilates and kills his young partner.
The lustfull rage gone Bakadi is aghast at his actions and flees the tribe. Not to be seen again for many a year.

As the years flowed Bakadi travels far and wide exploring Azeroth, having many misadventures along the way.
The troll working as a mercenary gets drawn into the Second War fighting alongside his Amani brethren for the first Horde against the Alliance forces of Lordaeron. Throughout this period he commited many more unspeakable acts. It was also at this point that Bakadi came into contact with Rend Blackhand and the Blackrock clan.
He became an agent for them and was instrumental in acquiring the services of the troll Smolderthorn and Firetree tribes under the Dark Horde banner. Feared by most Blackrock orcs because of his past deeds, not forgetting the constant unsettling sight of him preparing and eating orc flesh from fallen enemies infront of his orcish comrades he was always kept at arms length from the clan on the peripheral.
With the defeat in the third war it wasn't long after that the cannibal swore his true allegiance to his Smolderthorn kinsmen. Holed up inside Blackrock mountain Bakadi becomes a Headhunter guarding the many dark passages of the lower depths working his sick arts on the dark iron dwarves fighting for control of the mountain.
As the Dark Horde begins crumbling before his very eyes and believing defeat for the Blackrock clan from outside forces was imminent Bakadi leads a separist group of trolls out of the mountain and away into the neighbouring hills where they survived for a time as bandits...

Sumary of traits:

Bakadi is a quiet pychopath who tries to keep his deeds mainly hidden apart from his cannabilism. He has a deep hatred and morbid fascination with all elves but in particular their females. He likes collecting trinkets from his elven victims. Most people fear him because of the stories that are whispered regarding his exploits. He has loved more than once but all of his troll partners have ended the same grisly way. The only things he considers to be his friends are his turtle Mojito who aids him with his past time of fishing and his hunting companion, a Silvermane Howler named Koke.

Other information:

The biography above is very raw in form at the moment. Most of it has came off the top of my head as I've typed along. Any inconsistensies regarding lore and timescales I hope to rectify later on should I be accepted into the clan. I hope to flesh his past out too and give it more depth. Bakadi is based loosely on Hannibal Lector, the Predator and General Thade out of the remake of Planet of the Apes. As far as the terrible act of rape is concerned, I do not wish to roleplay him as a deranged rapist. It's just that I want it noted just how much of a sicko he can be and the lengths he will go to. An uncomfortable lustful stare at a belf by him from time to time will be sufficient enough for those around him who have heard the whispers of his exploits will suffice! He will however, be indulging his love of mutilation and cannibalism at most opportune moments though! You have been warned.

Evil or Very Mad


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