Rektork's Application.

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Rektork's Application.

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:04 am

Username: Rektork

Username in game: Rektork or 'Rek'

Character full name: Rektork

This includes nicknames they have been called.

Description of what they look like: Well built with a rough ragged face, green eyes and small scraggy beard accompanied by two pony tails. Walks tall and proud, changing for no-one, not even Thrall. (text and/or Photo)

Personality: Rektork is calm and collected when conversing with other members of the Horde, but his tempter quickly grows whenever he speaks with arogant foolhardy persons. Very loyal but untrustworthy of anything imperial or industrial, having no trust for goblins or engineers. Loyal however to those who seek a more simple life.

Brief Background: As a young orc he often rebelled against his human captors, hating their imperialist ideals and their arogant views of how the humans were superior. At the age of 15 after befreinding the local guard dog, managed to kill his guard and escaped with the wolf. He wandered The Easter Kingdoms surviving off the land and remaing ignroant of the political struggles occuring in Azeroth, he led a simple life, watching and admiring the beasts of Azeroth. His bond with the wolf grew Stronger, many a time it saved Rek. He learnt learnt to use the land to sustain him, he developed an understanding and a respect for nature, one he will never forget.After a few years he found himself in Ashenvale, observing the wolves that lived there when he was found by a orc patrol of the Warsong clan, he attmpted to hail these warriors but before he could they began making gesutres towards him with their weapons. A female orc jumped forward, questioning toiheir actions, and upon this the warriors sprung upon her and Rek attacking them and leaving ghem for dead. Zulga and Rek managed to crawl away and heal their wounds, rek is forever in Zulga's debt. He soon realised that he could no longer live in Azeroth void of any political links or knowledge so he set about finding the Blackblood clan chieftain. As he talked with Zulga he learned about the Horde and how it had become an Empire ruled by a single Warchief, apointed through a hierachy. He soon became dissilusioned with this method of government and advocated a more simple society.


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Re: Rektork's Application.

Post  Zazaji on Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:35 am

Great application, poke an officer online for your interview!

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