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Zulga Bladerush

Post  Zulga on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:14 am


Zulga has deep red hair which clashes with her green skin. It's short and spiked, somewhat stylish for an orc, pinned back from her eyes for better seeing her enemies. The eyes themselves are a pale blue, and seem to glance around with curiosity. Her skin itself seems to bare a few freshly healed wounds all over her body. She carries a thick leather satchel with her at all times. Inside, instead of the expected weaponry, Zulga carries with her an assortment of books. The books themselves are childrens picture books, and whilst reading, her face is a mask of concentration, her lips moving as she reads the words. Beneath all the books, lies a folded up tabard, the only keepsake of her former Warsong Clan. Normally wearing a plain looking dress, but replaces it with heavy armour when on the battlefield.

(a quick 5 minute scribble of my Orcish death knight, Zulgha, in chibi, but they're identical in appearance. I'll so one of my warrior later!)


Much like the other Warsong Orcs, Zulga is a ferocious fighter, with a feral roar amongst enemies. Relentless bravado, bordering on recklessness takes over her personality when she wields a weapon, cleaving anything in her path with carefree swings, punches and kicks. When not at war, however, Zulga's personality changes dramatically. Clothed in plain dresses, she is quiet and reserved, carefully reading her books. She would rather spend her time doodling in the dirt, than wreaking havoc upon her enemies.


Zulga came from a proud family in the Warsong Clan, a line of fearless warriors. She was trained by her father about the ways of war, as well as how to overcome pain through rigorous combat exercises. Although she would prefer to leave the fighting to the other Orcs and train her mind, she refrained from learning so as to not dishonor her proud family. Zulga would sneak away during breaks in the fighting in Ashenvale, stealing glances into books and scratching childish pictures into the dirt with sticks. The other Clan members of her age saw this is weak, and took every opportunity to degrade the young Orc, besting her in duels, and mocking her out of the hearing of their elders.

While out on a patrol one day, the group came across an Orc, a clanless barbarian. Opting to kill the Orc, Zulga disagreed, placing herself in front of him. This was the last straw for her fellow trainees, and they leapt towards Zulga instead. Rushing in to her aid, Zulga and the strange Orc made short work of the patrol. Wounded and alone, they pair managed to find safety amongst some thickets, where they rested a while, seeing to their injuries.

Once well enough, Zulga chose to leave Ashenvale and her clan behind, keeping her tabard as a memento of her family. The clanless male, answering to the name of Rektork chose to accompany her, a crude and and wild companion.

With her clan behind her, and a new friend to aid her, Zulga travels Kalimdor, learning as she's always wanted to, and trying to teach her new companion. As well as strengthening her mind, Zulga keeps her battle skills fully operable, a dependable, if somewhat reckless, ally on the field.


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Re: Zulga Bladerush

Post  Zazaji on Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:24 am

Great application, sounds all good to me!

Poke an officer (Me, Varekk, Vólkan, Groknash, Drakahr etc.) online for you interview!

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