Krogu Thunderhowl, Application

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Krogu Thunderhowl, Application

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Character full name:

Krogu Thunderhowl. ' The blood of a Coward. '

Description of what they look like:

He is, and looks rather Young, probably just becoming an Adult. His eye's are normally yellow, but they glow red under normal circumstances and there are dark rings around his eyes, from lack of sleep, food, or both. His frame is a thin one, but he makes up for it with his physical prowess.


He's got a rather short temper, and little patience but he'll do what he thinks is right and is almost unwavering in that. He's honest, and honorable as most Orcs should be, in his eyes. He's rather uppity and loud, too.

Brief Background:

The son of a known Coward of the Warsong Clan, Krogu was abandoned by them at a the age of four.. Caught stealing from a Human caravan he was immediately taken to a nearby Internment Camp. The story went like that, going from camp to camp for the next 6 years of his life. It would have been bleak had it not been for a Human Paladin, concerned for the Orcish children's future, treating him and some others kindly and teaching them to read and write in Common.
After Warchief Thrall rescued to Orcs from the Internment Camp Krogu was made the Gruntling of the Grunt Gol'kosh, who had known his father. When the Orcs sailed across the sea Krogu was returned at last to his mother Clan, the Warsongs. He was then exposed to similar prejudices that a coward would, being labeled ' The Blood of a Coward. '
He remained under Gol'kosh for the duration of the Third War, helping with Razor Hill's construction and with the War Efforts at Ahn'Qiraj, and Outlands where he finally passed his Om'riggor at the age of 17 under Turr'osh Stormheart in Nagrand. Both Gol'kosh, then a Warlord, and Farseer Turr'osh died during the Wrathgate, and such a blow re-opened a festering wound of hate in Krogu's heart.

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