Application - Naju the Hexxer

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Application - Naju the Hexxer

Post  Guest on Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:18 am

Username: Naju

Username in game. Naju

Character full name: Naju the Hexxer

Description of what they look like: A medium sized, oddly thin and well aged troll with turquoise skin and grass green hair on his balding head. His face is painted to resemble a skull, his tusks curve upward and are slightly yellow. He wears a swamp-green kilt, a gray vest, chain gloves, and a belt with several juju (dead frogs, severed ears/fingers, feathers, claws) hanging on it, along with a curved ritual knife. On his side there is also a satchel hanging. He keeps a living, brown frog with himself all the time, which has a metal ring around its neck.

Personality: He is pretty goal-oriented and a little bit wicked - he thinks the spirits are the answer to most questions in the world. He is a bit cruel, just for his own fun. He enjoys whatever he can, including battles.

Brief Background: He tried to be a witch doctor, but his personality soon turned him into more shady ways of talking to the spirits. He keeps trying to master both the ways of the elements and the spirits, balancing the two different power to achieve the most he can. His unique views soon got him some unwanted apprentices, but now he is alone again. He is pretty strongly Horde-aligned.

Age, siblings or children.

He is 34, and has no family. He had an axe-thrower brother, but he didn't see him for quite a while now.


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Re: Application - Naju the Hexxer

Post  Zazaji on Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:53 am

Wooop more Trolls! Poke an officer online for your interview!

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