Application: Zantara

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Application: Zantara

Post  Zazaji on Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:04 am

((Application for my alt, just to be a good example and write an app anyways))

Username: Zazaji

Character full name: Zantara

Description of what they look like:
Being a very young Troll, she's not very tall, although rather thin and limber. Her grass-like hair is usually put up in a mohawk, but she changes it every once in a while. Being a Forest Troll of origin, Zantara's skin is greenish and moss-like, and her eyes yellow and sparkly with the excitement of a child.

Zantara is a very young Troll, not more than 14 in human years. Her playful behaviour and cheeky attitude sometimes makes her an annoying little git, but usually she behaves just fine. She prefers staying in her animal forms rather than in her original Troll form, since it makes her look "older, bigger and badder". She can show off a sulky and rather mean and cruel attitued sometimes, but she will probably grow out of it.

Brief Background:

[Super brief and clichée]
As a member of the Gurubashi tribe, Zantara grew up in the vast jungles of Stranglethorn. She was born and raised there, and lived along with her family. At the age of six, however, her village was raided by [[insert good villains here once I find out who the enemies of the Gurubashi were at that time]] and almost every Troll was slayed. A few, however, managed to flee into the jungle, Zantara with them. Abandoned in the hot jungle, she sought shelter and protection. After mindlessly walking around the jungle for several days, near a total collapse, she was found by a Troll Hunter who was hunting in the area. The hunter - known as Zahn'Jal, took care of her until she was old enough to manage on her own. Zantara bid her "father" farewell and left the jungle.

How she ended up interested in the Blackblood is an entirely different story, and a pretty complex one as well...


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