Application: Shetogar Warblade

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Application: Shetogar Warblade

Post  Guest on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:14 am

Username: Shetogar

Full Character Name: Shetogar Warblade

Appearance: Behind the blue glowing eyes lies pride and hatred. His breathing is heavy, his footsteps are loud and the clashing of armor can be heard from far away. Shetogar is an orc, or at least he would've called himself that way... Little has remained of that appearance, now his skin is pale cold, riddled with scars and flesh wounds, his hands are beaten up like pair of old shoes as they have been falling to the ground far to many times.
His body is bulk and strong carrying massive plate armor and his bloodied axe. His hair, or better to say what's left of it is black and rare. Shetogar still manages to retain the 'young' look, his face seems untouched by the harsh conditions of his life but that came with a price as well, with the price of death....

Personality: Only one emotion can be noticed when gazing upon Shetogar - hatred. Hatred towards one race only... Humans. Shetogar will assault any human being at the mere sight of it due to his 'history' with them.
When being among his allies Shetogar is a kind and caring orc. But he rarely has any allies so this behavior is somewhat rare... In general Shetogar is sarcastic and very proud, he never lies due to his opinion that lies are simply a waste of air, air that could be used to kill a human or two... The only time Shetogar feels sadness is when standing upon the grave of mighty Grommash Hellscream, his commander and his idol

Short Background:
Origins - Shetogar was once a proud orc of mighty Warsong Clan. He was a mere grunt then but his strenght and pride pushed him towards many battles. On one occasion he spoken with Grommash about the defenses of Stonard. In middle of that conversation Grommash said '' In this dark world that we live in, exiled from everything we cared for, you must never forget that when you fall on the ground, beaten and humiliated you are never alone, the Warsong will be always there even if you can't see them''
Those words mean everything to Shetogar and he does not tolerate any ill spoken words against Warsong Clan or his beloved leader Grommash.

Trip to Northrend - Shetogar was sent on a small scouting mission in Northrend. The word was that there are huge areas full of ancient weapons and magic. After scouting the beaches of Northrend, Shetogar and his dear friend Thogore wandered into the woods, after a brief time they stumbled upon a human but this was not just a normal pinkskin they usually encountered, this one was 'different'. His eyes were glowing blue, he seemed... dead but he was also wearing the mark of the Order of Silver Hand. Human charged them and they engaged in battle, Thogore fell down in one single strike, Shetogar fueled by hate rushed to attack again but with no success. The human was to strong, he thrusted his sword in Shetogar and left him to bleed out slowly.

New Life - Shetogar woke up in the cold dungeon. Everything was covered with ice and snow, as he approached the wall he saw his reflection in the ice... Cold blue eyes were glowing in the darkness and voice in his head was controlling every breath he took, Shetogar fell to the ground before his new master, master he did not chose, master he hated above everything else, Arthas. But this is a long story that he we will hear some other time...

Present - Shetogar is now free of his masters will, he tried to go back to his brothers in Warsong but they were no longer there, no one was, the world as he left it changed and he felt like a mistake in the thread of this new world...
Now Shetogar seeks allies or better to say a clan. Clan devoted to protection of things he holds dear, clan that will stand its ground no matter what comes out from the dark shadows, a clan where he can be accepted as an orc that he once was...

(( P.S. I am somewhat new to RP but I am learning))


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Re: Application: Shetogar Warblade

Post  Zazaji on Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:21 am

Looks really, really nice. And being new to RP is not a problem, we have had a lot of newbies before. Welcome, and poke an officer (Me, Varekk, or Vólkan) online for your interview!

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