Garmokh Application

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Garmokh Application

Post  Guest on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:25 am

Full Character name: Garmokh Stormfury

Hes a normal sized orc with his body covered by muscles, the difference between him and the other Orcs is that he wears a long braid alongside his back and a short beard on his cheecks.

Garmokh is pretty much silent not talking if its not neccessary, also he is pretty friendly to everyone strangers or family it doesnt matter. But if you anger him you'll get to know why hes named Stormfury.

Backround Story:
Theres not much to tell as theres not much he remembers, Born back in the Lands of Draenor living in peace his training as a shaman started. He was learning pretty quick and understood the meaning of the elements. When he was nearly fully grown he had to leave Draenor togheter with the other Orcs. There wasn't much left of the land he once loved. When they arrived to Kalimdor Garmokh had lost something, something important. He didnt feel the connection to the elements anymore, atleast not as strong as it was before. Garmokh made a tough decision. He started to train his physical abilitys instead of reconnecting with the land and the elements. For years he trained every day, every single minute he had to spend was spent on training. Now after a few years the reason that he trained for had arrived, War was here. Garmokh got his rather weak armor togheter and was just to set of to the rest of the army as the high shaman came into his tiny hut. Garmokh was told a few things about the elements but he didnt really care. They abandoned him, he thought. The Shaman wanted him to stay behind the lines of battle and heal the wounded. Garmokh was shocked and angered. He raised his Hammer smashing it into the Ground shouting "Why in hell would i heal the wounded after these years of training, why would i stay back when im more powerful than many others!" The high shaman didnt excpect that. Garmokh took his package and set of towards the rest of the Army. The High Shaman knew "This is the calm before the Storm".
The story of Garmokh Stormfury.

Now there are some years between the War and today. Garmokh is searching for a new leader, a new challenge. Thats why he went to the Blackblood Clan.


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Re: Garmokh Application

Post  Zazaji on Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:56 am

Sounds really interesting to me. Poke an officer (me, Varekk or Volkán) online for your invitation Smile

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