Application - Zepan "Zhreds" Bloodpaw

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Application - Zepan "Zhreds" Bloodpaw

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:54 am



Character Fullname:

Zepan "Zhreds" Bloodpaw

Description of what they look like:

Updrawn tusks, Deep orange beasty eyes, Scarfilled battleworne face cowered with White and black Warpaint. Long Skullwhite Braids. Greenish skin with loads of battlescars, clawmarks and bladewounds etc.


Fierce and most of a lonewolf, He's always eager for combat and has a calm face expression yet filled with hate and revenge. Often maintain his beast forms due to the lack of belief in humanoids and how they react in the world of others. Can circle the sky for hours looking for something to test his skill in the druidic feral arts. When not fighting Humanoids he usually fly and collect herbs and heal beasts and kill other beasts which are beyond saving and skin their pelts.

Brief Background:

Zepan grew up in the harsch jungles of Stranglethorn and in the beginning of his childhood was adopted by a pack of tigers and came to have deep understanding for the nature around him and with time learned to bend it by his will and be able to turn his hands into paws and become one of his family. Due time he was found by the Gurubashi and captured by the dark priests of the Gurubashi Empire and brought to High Priest Thekal, whom was interresed in this new sort of troll and brought him to his den, where he was tested in his druidic skills and trained by the evil priests of the gurubashi, And renamed to "Zhreds" for his purpous in the Gurubashi, to mangle and shred any enemies of the empire. In time Zepan's powers became stronger and he was able to escape from Thekal when The Horde raided the ruins of Zul'gurub. He was later found by a young orc hunter named as Nakthal and found companionship in this hunter and acted as a pet and stayed hidden in his beast form for many years. Until one day, when the young hunter ventured to the Echo Isles, In order to aid Vol'jin in retaking the isles. During this fight over the isles, Zepan met another of his kind ... a troll druid named Zen'tabra. She claimed to have stayed hidden on the isles for a long time as a tiger. As soon as Zalasane was defeted Zepan approached the only one of his kind he had ever seen and returned to his troll form and begged Zen'tabra for wisdom if there was more of their kind. Zen'tabra took Zepan under his wings and teached him much he had not learned in gurubashi, in time Zen'tabra presented Zepan to Vol'jin and telled him his story. Vol'jin greeted Zepan with open arms and offered him a place in the Darkspear tribe, Zepan joined the tribe and now wears the tabard of the tribe. Though having a tribe and a place in The Horde.

Zepan has never felt at home in his troll form and has a deep hatred for the humans and dwarfs that hunted his pack back in stranglethorn and often circle the sky for hours, searching for any alliance members to maim and kill. By fang and claw!


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Re: Application - Zepan "Zhreds" Bloodpaw

Post  Zazaji on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:18 am

Ooh, a druid! I like. Really nice application!

Poke me in-game for an invite Smile

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Re: Application - Zepan "Zhreds" Bloodpaw

Post  Volkan on Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:40 am

If you have troubles finding one to poke, than it's probably cause they're on alts or in my case on some other game Razz

Your best bet would be to poke, Blackskull, Zazaji or her many alts which I don't know the names of.

/who Blackblood also works.


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Re: Application - Zepan "Zhreds" Bloodpaw

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