E.E Ezwig the Grand

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E.E Ezwig the Grand

Post  Keluin on Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:03 pm

Username in game:
Character full name:
Enviromental Engineer Ezwig the Grand.
This includes nicknames they have been called:
Ezzy, Ez, Ezbert, Big, halfpint, (every other generic nickname to call a Gobbo)
Description of what they look like: (text and/or Photo)
Ezwig has beautiful skin, the colour of a bleached lime. His hair is a strange shade of pink-peach. His ears are large, batlike and filled with piercings. He has the left side of his nose pierced with a hoop, then a chain from his hoop to his ear.
Ezzy is an intelligent, narcissistic Goblin. There's no dream too big, his lifetime goal would be to surpass Thrall as a shaman and become Emperor and Trade-Prince of both Planet Azeroth and Planet Draenor.

Brief Background (Mandatory);
Well...Ezzy is just a generic Goblin, he grew up on Kezan with his parents, began training as an Enviromental Engineer and began to enslave bargain the elements into doing his bidding. I've got a short story to make up for a lack of exciting background:
With a hop in his step, the four foot something Goblin slowly waddles through the Valley of Honour. He was just wandering around, biding his time, checking out the scene; so on and so forth. He had nothing to do really nowadays, business was slow for a merc so outlandish. Tauren and Orc alike would turn their nose up at the very title of 'Enviromental Engineer', the title didn't quite scream "I enslave the elements to do my bidding", but it wasn't quite as catchy as 'Farseer'. "Heh, Farseer Ezzy, I like it." He says to himself, tucking a stray bit off hair behind his bat-like ears; although they were pretty big, with or without the heaps of piercings, they wasn't considered freakishly large or anything.

The towering metal palace that was Orgrimmar was looking kinda cold lately, what with the winter months beginning to catch up, "Geez," he thought to himself, rubbing his hairy arms, "There'll be snowmen dancing in Dalaran tomorrow at this rate." Ezwig was not a fan of the cold, not one bit. Why would anyone in their right mind live in a place like Winterspring, or Dun Morogh? "Insane Dwarves is who, Ezzy." He says to himself again; anybody eavesdropping would have thought him mad, as only mad people spoke to themselves. Madness seemed to have ran in his family, but no Goblin would ever admit to being even slightly delusional, let alone completely bonkers. His Great-Grandfather had thrown himself from atop a building in Kezan in a fit of great depression, his Grandfather and Grandmother had been Sappers in the second war. "Geez, suicidal maniac. What a great job." He murmours to himself, there's no way in fel he'd end up like that, I mean his father had made it up till now, so why not him?

Taking out a small hand mirror, Ezwig began to expect himself before entering the bar he'd approached. His peach-pink hair was tied back into a messy ponytail, and his facial hair was unkempt and masculine. The half smoked cigarette glowed with the cold wind's gentle touch. Deeming himself worthy of entering such an establishment, he puts the mirror back into his pocket. Walking up the steps and not looking twice and any of the denizens, he hops up clumsily onto a barstool and waves his hand, gaining the waitresses attention. With a roll to his tongue and with a sly wink, he asks the troll in his gorgeous Goblin accent "Emerald Lush, big glass.".

Anything else we should know, IC or OOC?
[Edit] Well, I'm a raving homosexual who'll desperately flirt with anything slightly masculine, so watch yo' back.

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Re: E.E Ezwig the Grand

Post  Gordug on Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:18 pm

I like it!

Speak to me in-game for an application

(Morthimus for now)

Edit : You missed the last part Surprised

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