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Pyrok Firehand

Post  Pyrok on Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:09 pm

Username in game: Pyrok

Character full name: Pyrok Firehand

Description of what they look like: Pyrok is an Orc of average height, he is dark skinned and shaves his head. He also wears a long flowing beard. He wears clothes that obscure his face allowing him an air of threat and mystery. Pyrok carries a large Skull-Staff that was bestowed upon him by his teacher Morgoth.

Personality: Pyrok is a kniving, black-hearted ruthless demon of an Orc. He uses his intelligence only to further his own twisted aims and cares little for anyone else.

Brief Background (Mandatory):

Not much is known of Pyrok's very early life. He was born Durotar and given the name Narok. Both his mother and father were former warriors of the Warsong clan who had turned their back on the ongoing conflict to farm and raise a family. It is known that Narok's parents and younger sister were murdered by Night Elves assassins, it is thought as part of a blood vendetta from their days fighting the Silverwing Sentinels. Why Narok was spared is not known but Narok was taken in and raised by Choctaw Thunderhide, Chief Shaman and Leader of the Red Cloud Nation in Mulgore and from a young age Narok showed great affinity with the forces of nature. Under Thunderhide's guidance, he soon began training in the ancient ways of the Shaman.

Narok grew quickly in power and wisdom, but is interests and skills always seemed to favour the destructive forces of nature. The manipulation of fire in particular was fascinating to the young Shaman. Thunderhide, aware of the Orc's past with Fel energies found this development disturbing and fearing that Narok's insatiable gift for wielding destructive energies would lead him down a dark path, Thunderhide sought to divert his studies in a more positive direction. He called Narok to him one day to tell him that he was to begin concentrating his efforts on the healing effects of nature. The young Shaman protested loudly but in the end deferred to his Teacher's wisdom and begrudgingly he began to assist the village healers in tending the sick and the wounded warriors of Thrall's Horde who were sent for treatment.

One day while tending to his healing duties, Narok met an Ancient and fearsome Death Knight named Morgoth. The Necromancer was resting in the village on his way to a council in Thunder Bluff and sensing something within the young Orc, began to question him about his studies. Narok slowly revealed his unhappiness at being forced into a life of tending the sick and injured and his frustration at being unable to use his obvious gifts.

Morgoth offered to stay in the village and in secret, help Narok unlock, in himself the secrets of the path of Shadow and flame. So it was that Narok began, under the guidance of Morgoth, to develop his skill with the fel-magics of the Warlock.
In the weeks that followed, Morgoth also thought Narok much about the history of the Horde that had been kept from him by Thunderhide, he learned of the forming of the Horde and the blood of Mannoroth, he learned how the Horde had fallen into weakness and slowly began to question the wisdom of cleansing the Orc race of Mannoroth's blood.

Narok progressed quickly in his studies and impressed his Morgoth with his gift for manipulating fel- energies and harnessing the destructive power of shadow and flame. Eventually, though Thunderhide became aware that an unhealthy relationship was developing between Narok and the Forsaken and called Morgoth to his tent one night, informing him that his people had offered him sufficient hospitality as was required for an ally of the Horde, but that it was now time for him to depart The Red-Cloud Mesa and be on his way. Morgoth agreed but went to Narok and told him that it was time for him to be tested, telling him to meet him on a mountain top near the border with The Barrens that very night.

At the ritual, in the light of the bale-fire that Morgoth had set, Narok summoned his first Demon, an Imp named Gelpit and bound it to his service, Morgoth was delighted with his apprentice's power but both master and student were unaware that the ritual was being observed by Thunderhide who, suspecting Morgoth’s influence over the young Shaman had followed him to the high and lonely place.

At the closing of the ritual, Thunderhide appeared and confronted Narok. The young shaman, still high with success from his first successful summoning was angry and defiant before the Old Shaman and refused to renounce either his new teacher or his abilities as a Warlock. Thunderhide, seeing that his apprentice was fully under the influence of the Death Knight attacked Morgoth, summoning a powerful thunderstorm. Morgoth was too quick and muttering a dark incantation, summoned a Death Gate and disappeared in a cloud of foul-smelling smoke, leaving Narok behind to face his old teacher alone.

With a heavy heart, Thunderhide banished Narok from the village and bid him leave Mulgore to walk his dark path. Angry and rejected, Narok, with his demon minion in tow fled Mulgore and, out in the wilds of the Barrens continued to practice what he had learned leaving the name of Narok behind and adopting a new name a name that marked him as a wielder of shadow and flame: Pyrok Firehand.

Soon he left the name of Narok behind and adopted a new name: Pyrok Firehand.


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Re: Pyrok Firehand

Post  Gordug on Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:46 pm

Sound's fair enough to me, enjoyed the nice brief story.

Accepted, poke Kjarar for an interview in-game.

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