Application: Caljun Bloodscalp

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Application: Caljun Bloodscalp

Post  Caljun on Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:11 pm

Character full name:

Caljun Bloodscalp sometimes called Cal for short.

Description of what they look like:

Longish blue hair with blue skin and when he gets mad his veins start to glow with a fierce light and Grayish eyes and also smaller than most other trolls. Has a strange Eagle-like amulet around his neck.


A Young Troll Warrior who's anger sometimes controls him.

Brief Background:

Caljun's childhood was harsh for him, he was bullied for being small, and that he had no skills at all except his expertise over speaking many languages. When Caljun came to the age of Twelve his parents set a little trial for him, he was sent into a cave to slay a Voidwalker weakened by his Mother's magic, but he did not slay the Voidwalker for it possessed him taking full control of his body when he gets angry and the source of his magic, for when he is out of Caljun both their power's are limited without the other. At the age of Eighteen Caljun saw both his mother and father slain by a Demonic Felguard, if it was not for the quick sacrifice of his once best friend Zal'tar he would have been slain on the spot. One day when Caljun was Nine-teen he came upon a sleeping Gnome with a strange glowing amulet, so he stole it and put it on and he felt such a rush of demonic power he started to be able to destroy some foes with a simple spell and now at the age of Twenty, Caljun has set out on his journey to find a way to enhance his demonic magic and to use it to destroy the Alliance and all those who are allies with them.

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Re: Application: Caljun Bloodscalp

Post  Gordug on Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:34 pm

Hello there and thank you for applying to the Clan.

Your application is fine, and to the point mainly, however, the background is a bit brief and I'd like if you could expand upon it a bit.

Thank you.

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Re: Application: Caljun Bloodscalp

Post  Grimdon on Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:20 am

Quite approved.
I know him from another realm, and he's a fair roleplayer.

I'll speak with him ICly, and introduce him to ways of the clan =)


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Re: Application: Caljun Bloodscalp

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