Application - Chevro Gorefist

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Application - Chevro Gorefist

Post  Guest on Sun Jul 04, 2010 2:24 pm

Username in game: Chevro

Character full name: Chevro Gorefist

Description of what they look like: Chevro has a dull green skin colour. Black untamed hair crawling down from the back of his head, obviously not cared fo ror looked after. He has a thick black scruffy beard on him, also not cared for. There is a scar on his left cheek going all the way down and curving towards his chin at the bottom. His eyes shine out an eirie blue, as all Death Knight's. He has two sharp teeth coming out from the bottom of his mouth, the left one chipped. He is ice cold to touch, as Death Knight's are. His posture is pretty much that of a normal Orc, hunched back and muscles. He speaks with a constant growl and echo on his voice.

Personality: Chevro was an Orc of great honor, and does not take to disrespect kindly. He has a very relaxed style when he is not at war, but when he gets angry, he is capable of massive slaughter. He does not enjoy "fun" and only seeks pleasure in killing his enemies.

What are they like ingame? Any previous guilds that have shaped their life. Chevro is a good listener that will glady share tales and listen to others. The rest of the time he is either searching for his Son, or aiding the war efforts and trying to bring back his honor.

Brief Background: Chevro was a Blademaster before his death. He was teaching his Son some tricks of the trade when he was ambushed by some undead things. He sacrificed his own life in order for his Son to escape, the numbers over powering him. When he was risen, approximately a year ago, and broke free of the Scourge hold on him. He was horrified to see that everything has changed, pink skins and corpses walking everywhere being part of the Horde, but, even more horrified to see what a monstrous creature he had become. He is now unable to use any of the skills he learnt as a Blademaster and can only use those gifted to him by Arthas, he tends to avoid using his abilities and fight without the need of spells. When he was not accepted back into the "Horde" because of what he had become, he felt like he had lost all his honor, and now desperately seeks acceptence back into it. Chevro has a personal hatred against the Elves. He finds them disrespectful and dishonorable and does not like the way that act towards non Sin'dorei's. He longs for the Horde to be the force it once was, and for him to be accepted into it again.

Age, siblings or children. Where have they been. All the good things that happened to them and bad.
Chevro has a Son, Morvar, who recently went missing after a bad encounter with his Father. Morvar had no idea what to do when his Father was slain. It is assumed that he went and spent too much time with the Elves, when Chevro had met up with him risen as a Death Knight, he was horrified to see what he had become. He had lost all honor and acted like the Elves did, and shown no respect for his father. After an argument Morvar ran away and has not returned. Chevro searches for him daily but has no luck.

Chevro's age was one of the memories he has forgotten, but he can be assumed to be, old. Chevro has also forgotten who is wife was, everything else about his past seems to be clear for him.


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Re: Application - Chevro Gorefist

Post  Zazaji on Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:18 am

Sounds really good. I just have to say how much I loved the sentence "He had lost all honor and acted like the Elves did". *thumbs up*

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