Gardokh the shaman!

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Gardokh the shaman!

Post  Guest on Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:09 pm

Username: Gardokh

Username in game. Gardokh

Character full name: Gardokh Ironfoe

This includes nicknames they have been called.

Description of what they look like: (text and/or Photo) He is a little shorter than the average Draenor orc. He has Long black hair, a short full beard with small gray hairs revealing he is not one of the youngest orcs youve seen. He has small scars underneath his eyes, and a deep scar covered underneath his beard. His nose is very flat and his eyes are dark brown.
His right fang is missing, and the other one is cut in half!

Personality: He is a very calm person. A man bound to the elements he is old and wise, and hard to temper but once you have angered him he is not to stop. He is a orc who does not seek overwhelming power and becoming all mighty, but to help the once seeking it. He is a respectful shaman from the older days, in the early second war he served as a bloodthirsty shaman who worked only with the orcish Death knights until his eyes were opended

What are they like ingame? Any previous guilds that have shaped their life.
Nope brand new to the server!

Brief Background:

Age, siblings or children. Where have they been. All the good things that happened to them and bad.


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