Application - Mekroth Elfkiller

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Application - Mekroth Elfkiller

Post  Mekroth on Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:21 am

Application layout
Username in game.

Character full name:
Mekroth Elfkiller (Nicknames: Mek, Elfkiller)

The orc before you is taller than most, but in his height he lacks weight. He isn't as muscular as the other orcs, but his skin is darker than most. He always has a bow over his shoulder, and a focussed and aware look in his eyes. He trusts only his bow, his close friend Tal'zari, and his instincts. His armor appears as it does before you, except with a few minor modifications, such as an added hood (If it is not pulled up, that is) on the back of his tunic, and a shawl of netting over his chestpiece, for concealment. He also has one of his teeth missing, the signature sign of the Black Tooth Grin Clan.

He is a very spatially aware orc, always looking around and keeping his surroundings in check. His body is always relaxed, yet steady, his sense of balance on par with that of a feline. Always cold, always calculating. He is funny and easy to joke, but if the situation requires, he can be as emotionless as stone. He is average at negotiation, but excels at marksmanship.

Brief Background (Mandatory);
Mekroth spent his early years being raised by his mother and father, part of the Black Tooth Grin Clan, until he came of age and, as per his clan's customs, he knocked one of his own teeth for loyalty's sake. He was kept with his clan as one of their finest archers, until he finally left on his way to make a name for himself. He was given the name 'Elfkiller' after a brief encounter with a group of sentinels on a patrol near his village, which he tracked until they set up camp for the night. At which point, he returned to his village and attacked the camp with reinforcement. He was given the title of scout, and was awarded the name 'Elfkiller' in honour of his victory.

Anything else we should know, IC or OOC?
Mekroth does not have a pet. He has no need for one, as he believes that sending an animal to do his dirty work is far beneath him. He is, however, comfortable riding a wolf, as he feels that he will bring honour to the wolf and his family by allowing the wolf to accompany him on his exploits.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Re: Application - Mekroth Elfkiller

Post  Gordug on Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:56 am

Approved, poke myself or Grunnak for an invite.

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