Application: Nasek ''Betrayer'' Daggers

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Application: Nasek ''Betrayer'' Daggers

Post  Grunnak/Varekk on Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:52 am



Character full name:

Nasek ''Betrayer'' Daggers, Daggers, Bitch.

Description of what they look like:

Slim, young, doesnt wear much. Soft features and a few piercings in her ear.


She is incredibly loyal to the blackbloods, but she will do anything to get what they have. She claims to not be in any clan and wanders the barrens. Her hobbies include, collecting strange herbs and substances to make poisons and curses for her victims. If she hasnt tried to poison you yet, she probably hates you.

Nasek has many mood swings, but she will respect and honor those that are kind to her.

Brief Background:

Nasek trained as a blademaster throughout her life, she started dabbling in alchemy and eventually poisoned her trainer. Her mate betrayed her and her sister, so now she doesnt trust any-one apart from the chieftan of the blackbloods.

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